'Catfish' Will Be A Family Affair This Week

So far this season of Catfish seems to have shifted demographics a bit from previous episodes. Many of the participants are now well into their 20s, 30s, and beyond, while earlier seasons focused more on people in their late teens and early 20s. In the second episode of Catfish Season 5, Jeanette and Derick's romance reaches a roadblock when her daughter, Shuntay, decides to contact Nev and Max in hopes of stopping her mom from moving her family to be closer to Derick, who has refused to meet in person. Shuntay is tech-savvy enough to realize that the old, "My webcam doesn't work" excuse may not be entirely truthful, and that's why she's reaching out to the Catfish crew in hopes of convincing her mom that "Derick" is bad news.

I'm sure that this episode is going to feature some pretty big twists and turns, since there must be something about Derick that has convinced Jeanette to consider changing her life so dramatically. But here's everything else we know about Jeanette and her family from their current online presence. Maybe we can figure out if this experience taught Jeanette a difficult lesson, or if this intergenerational love story actually got a happy ending.

How Jeanette & Derick Met Is A Catfish First

There have been Catfish on Facebook, Instagram, even MySpace, but finding one on dating site Plenty Of Fish is a first. It actually makes the situation even more upsetting, since Jeanette was genuinely looking for a relationship only to find someone who may be deceiving her.

There May Be Some Fake Pictures

The photos of Derick that Jeanette shows Nev and Max in the preview look a lot like they may have been taken from the account of Jeramele Johnson, an aspiring singer.

Jeanette Still Posts On Facebook

Jeanette still has a public Facebook page that she's been updating frequently over the last few weeks.

There Are Some Hints That Things Won't Go Well

Maybe Shuntay is talking about someone else, but this could be a sign of what might have happened to Jeanette.

Jeanette Is Still Looking Forward

She's clearly kept an optimistic outlook, even though she says that she's made some "mistakes" in the past.

Shuntay Is Still A Big Catfish Fan

Note that she posted this just a few days ago, which would have been after her episode of the show was filmed. So even if things with "Derick" don't turn out well, it looks like she still has some love for for the MTV show.

Jeanette & Shuntay Are Still Close

Even if Jeanette's relationship with Derick doesn't work out, she can always rely on her daughter. It's good to know that these two are still incredibly close, no matter what surprises Catfish may have in store.

Image: MTV