'Catfish' Tells A Whole New Story In Season 5

If you've been missing everybody's favorite show about fake online profiles, don't worry — the wait was totally worth it. On Wednesday night, Nev and Max finally came back for Catfish Season 5, and just in case you think you've seen it all, they've hit us with a crazy story that is a complete first for the show: A love triangle. In the season opener, we meet Dejay, who is in love with Josiah, someone he met online and has been talking to for seven years. And you guessed it, they've never met or video chatted. Sounds just like every other story we've heard on Catfish, right? Wrong. Because there's another element to this story. There's also a guy named Malik, and he's also in love with a guy named Josiah... whose description is eerily similar to the person Dejay thinks he's dating. Yep, Dejay and Malik are in love with the same Catfish , and what follows is a total mess.

After Nev and Max meet up with Dejay in his hometown and connect the dots, they fly to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet Malik and compare stories. Everything lines up — Josiah refuses to video chat or meet up with both guys, he blocks them on Facebook if either of them start questioning his existence, and both of them have a history with this guy that spans years and years. Finding all of this out is extra crushing for both men, because Josiah helped each of them come out to their families and friends, so to find out that the man they counted on during such an important time in their lives was cheating can't be easy.

This leads Nev to work his usual magic and call Josiah. While he's not willing to let them come out to Philadelphia, where he lives, he is willing to fly to Charlotte. And when Josiah pulls up to Malik's house in a taxi, it's time for the biggest shock of all: He's exactly who he says he is, pictures and all. This rarely happens on Catfish, but when it does, it either leads to a happy ending or an even more devastating one, and unfortunately, Josiah's story gives us the second option.

So what's the truth? Josiah actually has a two-year-old son he hasn't seen in over a year and a boyfriend he's been with for two years back at home... someone neither Malik nor Dejay were aware of. And after having a sit-down with both men separately (and revealing that Josiah has stronger feelings for Dejay), the situation turns pretty volatile. Malik and Dejay are royally pissed — although, can you blame them? — and after a little mediation and a good night's sleep, the only good that comes of the situation is that both men seem to have decided to move on. So while the setup of this story may have been unique, it ended in a way all too familiar to Catfish fans.

Image: MTV