What Super Tuesday Exit Polls Are Saying

Super Tuesday is officially upon us. As hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of voters head to their local polling place and caucus site, many are being confronted with far more than what they want out of a presidential candidate. What Super Tuesday exit polls are saying is telling about the overall outcome of each political event. According to exit poll information from CNN, the grand spectacle that's been this year's election season may not have been enough to sway many Republican voters. Approximately 20 percent of those polled in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Vermont made their decision just one week prior to turning in their ballots.

The final remaining political newcomers still vying for the presidency, including Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, may see their best showings yet. Those same exit polls showed that a majority of Republican voters skewed less towards the political establishment and more towards loud and proud outsiders. While Carson may not necessarily be as bombastic as Trump, he's certainly continued to gain attention based on his fresh ideas. Exit poll information from ABC News somewhat reaffirms that stance. An ever so slight majority of Republican voters polled in Texas supported an outsider candidate. 42 percent valued experience more, indicating a divide that appears to have spread across the country.

Fox News Exit Polls

What did the "fair and balanced" news network find in their exit poll data? A whole lot of similar sentiments as what CNN had found. Fox News exit polls also show a heated battle between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, with voters who consider themselves far more conservative opting for Cruz over the Florida senator. On the left, it appears as if Hillary Clinton has nabbed the senior vote by a wide margin. 84 percent of Virginia Democrats polled stated that they cast their ballot for Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

ABC News Exit Polls

ABC News exit polls seem to indicate that more conservative voters are moving towards the right and that liberal conservatives are all but nonexistent. Just one percent of those polled identified as such in Arkansas, while a mere 16 percent consider themselves moderate. A consistently anti-Muslim sentiment echoed across multiple states. In an election of extremes, there seems to be a whole lot of emotions in play when it comes to voting. It appears as if a majority of Republican voters are angry at the government. Dissatisfaction factored high across many Super Tuesday states. This is where Democrats and Republicans differ greatly. A majority of Democrats polled by ABC News appear to be looking for a candidate willing to perpetuate President Obama's legacy and are thoroughly happy with his administration, which is good news for Clinton.

The Daily Show Exit Polls

The Daily Show's hilarious faux exit polls might be more on the money than ever this thoroughly unpredictable election season. Talking to American voters about the important issues hit a whole new kind of weird when Public Policy Polling quizzed voters on whether or not Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer. Thus, a poll to determine which candidate would help a jilted lover egg their ex's house may not be too far off from reality.