Super Tuesday Memes & Jokes Are A Laughing Matter

This Tuesday would be a lot less Super without the magic of social media empowering people to post hilarious jokes about Super Tuesday and the electoral process on the internet (seriously, what's better than a political joke?) Thankfully, with modern technology, the world can get together for some lighthearted mockery of the admittedly mock-able American political system.

This Super Tuesday, as contentious as it has proven itself to be, inspired some of the best jokes in recent memory. Donald Trump's long-feared Super Tuesday success and the fierce competition between establishment candidate Hillary Clinton and millennial populist Bernie Sanders made for a ton of hilarious tweets on everything from John Oliver’s ingenious invention #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain to Hillary Clinton’s Super Tuesday hype playlist.

These jokes are of course hilarious, but they should also be appreciated for the wonderful satire and perspective they provide. While some memes can get a little self-righteous, the good ones are actively trying to encourage engagement and participation in the political process, which voters of both persuasions should be able to support. Super Tuesday is, after all, one of the most important days in American politics, and these hilarious jokes show that people are actually paying attention.