Yep, There's A 'Making A Murderer' Tour Coming

by Emily Lackey

Get your gavels ready. It was announced on Tuesday that the two lawyers made famous by the Netflix hit, Making a Murderer Dean Strang and Jerry Buting — will be going on tour around the country. The tour is being called “A Conversation on Justice” — and the two Wisconsin lawyers and defense attorneys for Stephen Avery plan on using the tour to talk about Avery’s case and its larger implications for the our country’s judicial system. Sounds right up the alley of every fan of the show and these two noble-hearted lawyers. But, where can fans get tickets to the Making a Murder tour, "A Conversation on Justice"?

It turns out that tickets are easier to get ahold of than you’d think. Just a simple visit to the tour’s website will bring you directly to a list of cities where the two lawyers will be appearing, and links to purchase tickets directly. Strang and Buting will be appearing in 27 cities around the United States and Canada, and, lucky for fans, their tour is far-reaching. The Wisconsin-based lawyers will be going as far as San Diego and Boston to present their compelling conversation about jurisprudence and the Stephen Avery case.

Tickets for the tour will go on sale beginning March 4 at noon, according to the tour’s website — but clicking on the links reveal some alternate dates. For instance, for their performance in New York City, you can buy VIP tickets a day in advance, and Chase Preferred Cardmembers can buy tickets as early as March 3 at 10:00 a.m. Then, for the rest of us in the general public, tickets go on sale at the March 4 date.

In short, get your “I <3 Dean Strang” posters ready. This tour is going to be huge.

Images: Making a Murderer/Netflix