Chief Thompson Got A Surprise On 'Agent Carter'

It wouldn't be a Marvel series without a surprise ending, and the Agent Carter Season 2 finale gave us a suspenseful one. However, this wasn't an Easter Egg — it was a cliffhanger. Is Jack Thompson dead on Agent Carter ? That certainly seems to be the case. A mystery man entered his apartment at the end of Tuesday's episode and shot him in the chest with a gun/silencer.

Who shot Thompson? Someone associated with Vernon Masters, I assume. It could even have been Dottie Underwood. We only saw their appendages. They took the largely redacted file that Thompson had stolen from Masters' briefcase. The file may or may not be connected to the S.O.E. in London which recruited Peggy, her brother Michael, and/or the alleged information that Thompson used to try and blackmail Peggy. Though, like most Marvel things, it's probably also related to Hydra. Whatever it is, it's probably important if an assassin was sent in to retrieve it. Unless that was bait and Masters was looking for a reason to off Thompson (or Peggy and Sousa), you'd think he wouldn't leave such a thing lying around in his office.

What is in that file specifically? What possible beef could they have on Peggy Carter, one of the most pure-hearted souls in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? She could probably lift Mjolnir, let's be real. What lock does the Arena Club's pin/key open? What is Howard Stark working on with Dr. Wilkes in Malibu based on something he discovered in Peru? There are so many questions that can only be answered in Agent Carter is renewed for Season 3. Otherwise, we may never know if Chad Michael Murray's character lived or died. It's a shame, he and Peggy were finally starting to get along.

Image: Byron Cohen/ABC