Are Any Rihanna x Puma Trainers Still Available?

Well, this is a bit refreshing when it comes to much-desired and hard-to-get celeb-branded stuff. While Yeezy Boosts and Kylie Lip Kits continue to sell out completely and in nanoseconds, achieving permanent cult status while leaving a trail of frustrated customers (and fans) in their wake, Rihanna's Puma Trainers are still available. No, I'm not kidding. However, the stylish kicks, which come in three colors and look like a mashup of booties and wrestling shoes, are selling briskly. Some shades are sold out. So which Rihanna x Puma trainers are still available to purchase?

Here's the deal. On the Puma site, the red and black kicks for women are sold out. The red men's sneakers are also sold out. The white edition for women is still available for the normal purchase price of $180 and in a variety of sizes. Wow, right? Who would have expected that?!

What I don't expect is for these sneakers to remain available via the official Puma site for long. So if you want a pair, I recommend pointing, clicking, and purchasing ASAP. We don't know when or if there will be a restock of all three of the colors or how widely available they will remain. Translation? Don't waste any more time. Get to it.

Here is the screenshot of the Puma page's offerings. These sneakers are a perfect execution of athleisure, in that they can be dressed up or down, which is likely one of the reasons these sneakers are selling at such a quick clip.

Also, a quick Google search found some of these Rihanna Trainers still available at notable retailers like Zappos, Nordstrom, and Finish Line, but with limited sizes. The black version is still being offered via that online shoe mecca known as Zappos and in a wide variety of sizes. So, no, you are not SOL with other colors and you don't have to head over to other third party sites that aren't official retailers and boast jacked up prices.

That said, scoop the Rihanna Trainers up while you can. They may be gone for a while once they are completely sold out. Or they may come back quickly. Who knows. But don't chance it. Like 'em? Buy 'em.

If you are shut out of these shoes at some point, there are suitable Rihanna Puma dupes. These are fine alternatives to the Trainers as well as the best-selling Creepers, the latter of which doesn't look to be restocked any time soon.

Images: Courtesy Puma (4)