Derek Hough Has Big Plans This Spring

As much as I used to pretend that I didn't like Dancing with the Stars and thought it was boring as hell — I love dance, but I just could never get into ballroom — I've actually come to really enjoy it over the years, and I look forward to watching it when it's on the air. Sadly, when the show comes back on March 21, it'll be missing one of my favorite people, because Derek Hough isn't doing Dancing with the Stars this season. This isn't the first time he's taken a bit of a hiatus, and we can't really be too mad at him anyway, because it's for a really good reason — Hough is headed to Broadway.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hough will star in Singin' in the Rain on Broadway in the coming months, and I can't think of a role he's better suited for. His talents as a dancer and performer are well-known by now, and while he's certainly a valuable part of DWTS and will likely be back, I can see why he wants to expand his horizons and share his talents in a different arena. We can't really be mad at him for that, even if his absence from the ABC reality series will be pretty sad.

In addition to taking over Broadway, Hough is also said to be appearing on at least one more episode of Nashville, which should be exciting, since his turn as Noah West in three episodes back in Season 3 were pretty well-received. There's also a chance that Hough could have other TV or movie projects lined up that we don't even know about yet, which would be amazing, because Hough has way too much talent to not pursue every possible avenue to express it.

Given that Hough and Bindi Irwin won the coveted mirror ball trophy on last season of Dancing with the Stars, it's likely he could have taken home the title again this season, but I guess it makes sense to give others a chance to taste victory, too, right? That's how I'm looking at it, anyway. In the meantime, I'll have to look into booking my Singin' in the Rain tickets...

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