10 Ways To Celebrate Spring's Arrival

by Dacy Knight

March 19 is just around the corner, meaning we'll soon be officially bidding farewell to winter. What better way to rev up again after a few cold months (and that St. Paddy's Day hangover) than with activities to celebrate the first day of spring? The special date lands on a Saturday this year, so there's no excuse not to welcome the new season in a big way.

Hit the ground running with a day full of plans that set you on track for making the most of the springtime that lies ahead. The rising temperature and increased daylight mean it's time to come out of social hibernation. The sight of nature coming back to life in bloom should urge you to get outdoors. No matter your activity of choice, spend the start of spring outside — running, strolling, exploring, or simply eating and drinking. Bring the best of nature home with fresh cut flowers and some in-season ingredients. Shed those excess cold-weather layers of sweaters and scarves in favor of some spiffy spring attire. Even if the weather is still playing mind-games and Mother Nature seems unable to commit to a season, embrace spring with open arms. Here are 10 ideas to inspire your first spring day.

1. Pick or pick up a spring bouquet

Spruce up your space with some life and color by picking up a fresh bouquet of spring flowers. It sets the stage for newness and change, and is a beautiful way to welcome the season into your home or office.

2. Eat and drink outdoors

Take your leisure time outdoors in every way possible. Even if you still have to bring a couple extra layers with you just in case it gets chilly, start making the most of your fun in the sun, because autumn will be rolling around again before you know it. Pack a picnic and find a nice sprawl of grass or post up at a biergarten or a rooftop bar.

3. Plan a summer vacation

Now that it's officially spring, you're en route to sunnier days ahead. The warming temp will spark a Pavlovian reaction that gets you yearning for balmy summer days and the sand between your toes. Indulge these cravings with a little planning, researching dream destinations and finding deals now.

4. Cook a meal using seasonal ingredients

Pick up some fresh in-season produce and a recipe to match, then serve up some spring-minded goodness in your kitchen. It's a delicious way to celebrate the season from the comforts of your own home.

5. Switch out your wardrobe for spring

So maybe it's still a little premature to be sporting your jorts, but that doesn't mean you can't get into spring mode with your fashion selections. Pack away those winter layers and pull out your warm weather attire.

6. Go for a run or bike ride outside

Take a break from the gym and get active outdoors. The fresh air will put that extra spring in your stride. Right now is the sweet spot of running weather — crisp and cool with clear skies before the summer heat takes over.

7. Take a hike

For even more outdoor activity, get out and explore the wilderness, or at least a national park. Lose yourself in nature (without actually getting lost) and see the changing of seasons up close.

8. Visit a local farm and see the baby animals

For the ultimate way to welcome spring, take a mini-road trip to a nearby farm. Not only will it be a sweet escape from the city, but you'll be able to enjoy the cuteness overload of the newborn baby animals.

9. Get a head start on that spring cleaning

Start the season off on the right foot by getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning. The earlier you declutter and organize, the freer you'll be once the weather warms, days get longer, and there's more tempation to go out. The further into spring you get, the more inconvenient it will be to be tied down by tasks you haven't taken care of. Free up some physical and mental space now.

10. Have a pour of your favorite cold drink

Perhaps the cold weather months didn't keep you away from wine of the chilled variety, but don't let that stop you from drinking it like you've been on break since last summer. Rising temperatures are just the beginning of several months of chilled wine and cold cocktails, so toast to spring with some libations that celebrate the warmer days ahead.

Images: Unsplash (8); Pexels (4)