9 Free Things To Do In The Spring, Because Having Fun In the Sun Shouldn't Come At A Price

Although the temperature says otherwise, spring has officially sprung. In addition to warmer weather, fresh flowers, and an updated wardrobe, the new season presents us with a slew of activities to try. And for those trying to save a few bucks, we're specifically talking about free things to do in the spring.

Yes, you read that correctly — free. After spending most of your money on snowstorm supplies and warm weather getaways this winter, your bank account is in need of a break. But just because you're trying to cut costs doesn't mean you have to hide in your house for another three months. There are plenty of spring activities that are both fun and free. And before you roll your eyes, these activities aren't limited to walks through the park or outdoor picnics (although for what it's worth, those are two amazing spring date ideas).

From finding your inner athlete to getting down and dirty (and not in the way you think), there are plenty of ways to enjoy the spring season without spending a dime. Here are free and fun activities to cross off your bucket list this spring. With all the money you save, you'll be able to enjoy a much more extravagant summer.

Sell Some Adult Lemonade

Kids aren’t the only ones who can make a buck off a beverage. Invite your friends over for an evening of lemony libations, and ask them to donate some cash to a worthy cause.

Pick Up A New Sport

After sitting on the couch for the last three months, you need to get moving. But rather than going for a run, why not try an activity that’s a little more competitive? Find a sporty friend and get them to teach you the ways of the game. By summer, you’ll be able to go pro… or at least play in a pick-up game.

Get Down And Dirty

Don’t let April showers keep you from some outdoor fun. Next time a storm hits, throw on your crappiest clothes, and enjoy some good old-fashioned mud sliding. It may not be the cleanest way to spend your time, but that’s what makes it so amazing.

Give Your Home A Makeover

You don’t have to drop serious cash to give your home a new look. By implementing a few feng shui techniques, you can give your home a much-needed makeover while sending some positive vibes your way.

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Go Out On A Limb

Climbing a tree is a great way to challenge yourself physically and mentally — not to mention it’s sure to make you feel like a kid again.

Scour The Flea Market

Window shopping takes on a whole new meaning at the flea market. Walking from booth to booth may inspire you to try your hand at some seasonal DIY creations.

Ride Around Town

After driving down icy roads all winter, your car deserves a break. Take your two-wheeler out, and explore your town from a new point of view.

Build Your Own Bouquet

Nothing says spring like a floral arrangement. Walk around the neighborhood or nearby park, and pluck some blossoms to bring back to your home. Just make sure no one catches you in the act, as some people are particularly attached to their flowers.

Give Your Time To Others

Nothing makes you feel better than helping others. Use your weekends to clean up the park, or volunteer at an animal shelter. You’re sure to end the day feeling productive and proud of yourself.