6 Times JoJo's Family Spoke The Truth About 'Bach'

Introducing a significant other to your family is always a nerve-wracking experience. It's the ultimate fusion of people you love, but one in a more romantic sense than the rest (I hope), and with that kind of emotional burden, there is bound to be a misstep or two. Add to that mix the fact that your boyfriend is simultaneously dating three other women, a camera crew, and America's attention, and you know there will be fireworks (and maybe not the good kind). Though they got a bad rap from the Twittersphere, JoJo Fletcher's family was so right on The Bachelor, and basically just said what every fan was thinking.

When Ben made his trip down to Dallas to visit with JoJo's family, he was indubitably expecting the same sort of warmth that JoJo exudes towards him. Instead, he got a stern talking to by JoJo's older brothers that wiped that adorable smile right off of his face. Though it may have seemed that JoJo's family was being a little bit intense with their questions and general hostility towards Ben, but their logic was actually very sound. How many times have you sat in front of the TV and asked the leading man the same questions? Here's a roundup of all of the times that JoJo's supposedly "crazy" family was really functioning as Bachelor fans' inner monologues.

When Her Brother Asked If They'd Ever Had "Deep Conversations"

JoJo's brother was just saying what we are all thinking — what does Ben think about his relationship with JoJo? Ben didn't seem to miss a beat with this line of questioning, pointing out that JoJo receiving of two dozen roses from ex-boyfriend Chad prompted JoJo to have a real conversation with him. How's that for deep, huh, brothers?!

When Her Brothers Said That They Were "Attached" To JoJo

It's a strange way to phrase it, but I don't find the way that JoJo's brothers are treating this situation to be anomalous. Although these brothers got a bad rap for being so defensive over JoJo, it's actually sort of normal to not want to watch your sibling subject themselves to someone that's, oh, I don't know, openly dating three other women. To me, that doesn't ring as that creepy.

When Her Mom Told Her To Power Through

Even though JoJo's mom seemed to be unaware that JoJo was still contending against three other women for Ben's hand (did she even know that her daughter was on The Bachelor or did she think that those camera crews were just for gigs?), her advice to JoJo is we've all had to dole out or receive at one point: Have faith that things will work out, because they always do.

When Her Brother Told Her To Guard That Heart

Even those this scene was straight outta the Spanish Inquisition, JoJo's brother definitely had a point. How on God's green earth are two people supposed to fall in love after two dates? On the second date, I'm still trying to figure out the other person's last name without asking. If Ben and JoJo really feel a connection, then bully for them, since they don't waste any time.

When Her Brother Summed Up The Whole Premise Of The Bachelor

It's a little much to call what happens on this reality TV show "brainwashing," but JoJo's brother does hit the nail on the head about what happens to the contestants' emotions. Since Ben is put on a pedestal by being the focal point of 28 ladies' attentions, it enhances the intrinsic value of being chosen by him. JoJo's brother is merely suggesting that the way that Ben is being outwardly worshipped by much of America is a little FUBAR. Nothing wrong with that.

When Her Mother Was All Of Us On A Monday

Where we're going, we don't need cups. Cheers to JoJo's mom for showing that wine no mercy.

Image: ABC