JoJo's Brothers Could Ruin Her 'Bachelor' Chances

You know that antiquated trope of brothers threatening to pummel the life out of any guy that steps through the front door of their house? It's not a myth. Speaking as the sole sister to three brothers, I can tell you for certain that it is totally within a brother's inherent nature to be protective of their siblings (and vice versa). Judging by the previews for Monday's episode of The Bachelor, it looks like JoJo's brothers feel the same way about her. But, will JoJo's brothers ruin her chances at love with Ben?

JoJo's brothers are not the only men who seem to be trying to throw a wrench in the mix. In the trailer, JoJo is seen examining a bouquet of flowers and card addressed to her, saying it is from her ex-boyfriend, Chad. On top of that shocker, the preview also shows JoJo's two brothers dressing Ben down in a cozy-looking living room, one of them accusing him of "brainwashing" all of the women he has been courting. (Ben has not yet responded to Bustle's request for comment on the insult.) Fans of The Bachelor will have to wait until the show airs tonight if JoJo's older brothers are successful in deterring Ben and JoJo's love connection, but this isn't the first time there has been family controversy on the show.

Here is a look back at some of the times that the family didn't quite love the Bachelor.

Desiree's Brother vs. Sean Lowe

Talk about cringe-worthy. During Sean's visit to Desiree's hometown, Sean received the shock of a lifetime when Desiree's brother, Nate, accused Sean of not being interested in his sister. "I think you're just a playboy," Nate said of the Bachelor in the above clip. "You're just having fun with the circumstances, whatever comes along." Sean insisted that was not the case, but Desiree did not get the rose that week. Ouch.

Becca's Family vs. Chris Soules

One surefire way to make a new boyfriend feel awkward is to bring up the fact that she's never "had the urge" to be intimate with someone. Even saying the word "urge" would make me run for the hills if it was the first time I was meeting someone's family. Though it's kind of cool that Becca's family was so aware of her virginity and protective of her choice, it probably gave Chris some pause to hear that she wasn't an "intimate" person from every member of her family. Not saying it buried her, but Becca's family definitely gave her no help.

Everyone vs. Juan Pablo Galavis

To be fair, anything that these relatives said probably helped their daughters dodge the bullet of possibly being entangled with Juan Pablo (or the way he was portrayed, anyway). As seen in the clip above, Hy Dorfman, Andi's dad, really had an earful to give Juan Pablo, expressing his (just) skepticism that he was keeping his daughter around when they hadn't even had a one-on-one date yet. Bonus points go to Renee's mom for, as seen in the video above, comparing her daughter's feelings about Juan Pablo's to how people feel about their pets — way to differentiate between "loving" and "being in love."

Kirk's Dad's Job vs. Ali Fedotowsky

Poor Kirk. When it was revealed that his father's job was working as a taxidermist, Ali Fedowotsky really lost her nerve. "I like animals...when they're alive," the Bachelorette said in the clip above, and exactly no one was surprised when Kirk was sent packing during the next rose ceremony.

Naomi's Mom vs. Jason Mesnick

Though Naomi's mother was more enthusiastic about her daughter's boyfriend than, say, Ben's mom about Emily this season, her off-kilter antics probably caused a bit of skepticism in Jason's eyes. After Naomi's dad spent a good amount of time trying to get Jason to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, Naomi's mom took the date to the next level by accidentally killing a dove with the windshield of her car. Naomi's mother salvaged the bird's body and decided to refrigerate it until Jason arrived so that they could properly eulogize the bird in a televised funeral. Once again, no one was surprised when Naomi and Jason didn't end up together.

Will this be JoJo's fate after Ben's run-in with her family? If they're not meant to be, I hope it doesn't have to do with how her family chose to act!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC