How Did D.J.'s Husband Die On 'Fuller House'?

So you watched the reboot on Netflix and everything, but now you're realizing you must have missed something, because you're wondering — how did D.J.'s husband die on Fuller House ? I get it. I'm sure you paid close attention, but with all the excitement of one of your most favorite childhood shows ever coming back into your life now that you're an adult, certain things are bound to slip through the cracks, even if you were told them straight-up. Also, we only just now got the first off-camera death straightened out in our minds. How can we focus on D.J.'s husband when so many of us Full House fans are still reeling from the death of Danny Tanner's wife, which was what set the plot in motion, as Danny had to ask Uncles Jesse and Joey to move in with him to help raise the kids?

Almost 30 years after that first episode, we find ourselves in a similar situation, with D.J. Tanner-Fuller getting the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy, who move in to help her raise her kids after she is widowed. (Honestly, does anyone else feel like they should move out of that house? It's gotta be haunted at the rate that we're losing parental figures.) So now that we've sorted out the confusion, what exactly happened to DJ's husband? Well, he was a firefighter, and he died in the line of duty. It was just one of those freak tragedies that come out of nowhere and which you can't prepare for. It makes sense that D.J. would need to have her friends and family around her, like Danny did before her.

But just bear in mind that this seems to be a pattern that repeats every 30 years or so, so let's all make sure to sleep with one eye open in 2046. Nobody walk under any ladders or pick up any tails-up pennies. The Tanner-Fuller family just can't risk it at this point.

Images: Netflix; Giphy