Will Lorelai's House Look Different With Luke?

Sure, Lorelai and Rory were the technical stars of Gilmore Girls, but there's one character that always gets overlooked. No, I'm not talking about Jess or Sookie or Emily or Richard or even Luke. I am talking about Lorelai's house. That particular inanimate object had so much character and nuance to it that it felt like a part of the cast. When I think of Gilmore Girls, my mind instantly goes to one of two places — to Luke's Coffee Shop or Lorelai's quaint abode. It has earned its keep as an integral part of the show's fabric. That said, if Luke and Lorelai are indeed together and living together in the revival, will Lorelai's house look different with Luke living there?

I mean, I think it’s a pretty fair question to ask. When you move in with someone, it can’t be only your decor and belongings that litter the house anymore — especially if the person moving in is savvy in the home design department. So, that said, I am going to go with a resounding yes to the initial question. I'd like to think it would most certainly would look different. And not in a bad, I'm taking over your space kind of way. In a good, I'm here to help update the house and fix the creaky ass floors kind of way.

Here's how I think Luke's influence will change Lorelai's house:

1. He'll Spruce It Up

If him creating a handcrafted chuppah for her wedding was any indication, he'll make sure there's granite countertops in the kitchen, marble floors in the bathroom, and better-insulated windows throughout the entire house.

2. He'll Try Trendy New Design Ideas

Maybe he'll paint the house a different color. Perhaps he'll choose a bold accent color for the front door to match her personality. He definitely watches the Property Brothers. I just know it.

3. He Might Put A Pool In The Back

I mean, he installed an ice skating rink in the front yard. Anything is possible.

4. Regardless, They're Going To Have One Hell Of A Yard

I envision there being a pond with a waterfall and koi fish. And for Lorelai, an outdoor kitchen with a brick oven so he can cook her pizza.

5. He's Definitely Going To Get A New And Improved Coffee Maker

One of those espresso/cappuccino things where you can make cool designs in the foam like a cat or a sailboat... Hey, they're trying something new.

6. Actually, He's Definitely Going To Upgrade Her Entire Kitchen

Luke's a cook. He's going to need a more conducive space for all his culinary needs.

7. There's Going To Be A Greater Incorporation Of Flannel Accents

In fact, that vibrant yellow flower against his grayish blue flannel shirt looks fantastic as an interior design theme. It's like a perfect representation of Luke and Lorelai. Aww.

8. With Rory Gone, He'll Make It A Home Again

Isn't that the biggest difference?

So, yeah. I am sure Luke's presence will be noticed in Lorelai's home, but he'll only make it better.

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