7 Things Logan Echolls From 'Veronica Mars' Would Use Twitter For

I never saw myself as a sucker for a bad boy, but when it comes to the Veronica Mars universe, I am Team Logan all the way. Truthfully, I don't understand people who went the way of Team Piz — or, even more baffling, Team Duncan — when there was clearly endgame love of Logan and Veronica to consider. That's not to say that Logan was ever a perfect guy; in fact, Logan was one of the most complex characters to ever come out of Veronica Mars, and even Veronica knew that. He was relentlessly snarky in the face of authority figures, used his fists to solve problems when said snark failed, and at times, he made it awfully difficult to defend his actions. However, this complexity added to Logan's charm — he was a big reason I kept watching the series, and a big reason I wanted it to go on for much longer than it did. Sometimes, even now, I think about where Veronica Mars would be now if it were still on — where would those characters be if the series had gone on to have all of the seasons we fans wanted it to? While I'm sure Veronica would be running Mars Investigation like a badass just as the Veronica Mars film suggested, I'm convinced there is one place where the ever controversial Logan would have ended up: on Twitter.

As with so many polarizing figures in today's society, Logan would have been beckoned to social media. A platform to share his snark with the world? How could he resist? Twitter would have been Logan's platform of choice — as Tumblr would have been Veronica's, naturally — and here are the seven ways that this love interest would have used the microblogging platform:

1. Tweeting Out His Quote Of The Day

Inspirational quotes would no longer be reserved for Logan's voicemail.

2. Getting Into Twitter Wars

Logan wouldn't let a rude comment about Veronica slide, and would likely have to fight off the slews of people who will defend his murderer dad. Because fans of a crazy person tend to also be pretty crazy.

3. Subtweeting Veronica

It's not a coincidence that after every fight Logan tweets out "I thought our love was epic... #LoVe..."

4. Making His Public Relations Team Stress Out

Logan's PR team keeps trying to keep a lid on him every time he's accused of murder, but he can't help but send snarky tweets to the reporters covering the case.

5. Drunk Tweeting

Because people who tend to make terrible decisions while drunk also tend to have Twitter open while they are making them.

6. Favoriting Dick's Tweets

Logan knows how badly he needs the validation.

7. Subtly Tweeting Insults At Piz

Well, it's better than punching him, right?

Err... OK, maybe it's better that Logan stayed off Twitter.

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