This Ben & JoJo 'Bach' Theory Makes Total Sense

All season long it's felt like one thing is certain: Ben Higgins will propose to Lauren B. on The Bachelor. I mean, he's been obsessed with her since she stepped out of that limo and handed Ben his own pair of flight wings. But, as much as it's seemed like the show's narrative is moving towards a predictable ending, I don't believe we're in for the proposal we think we are. The Bachelor is never one to play its hand straight. (Remember when they aired Desiree saying she loved Brooks only to show us the next week that Brooks dumped her?) If it seems obvious that one thing will happen, it probably won't. And, the show's been leaning so heavily on the Ben/Lauren B. story all season that I think we're actually in for an ending featuring Ben and JoJo getting engaged. That's right, I think he's gonna pull a switcheroo, and so do the other ladies of Bustle's Bachelor podcast.

On this week's episode of Will You Accept This Podcast?, Romper TV Editor Allison Piwowarski and Bustle Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler attempted to explain Ben's thought-process in telling two women he loved them. Although Ben's been into JoJo almost as much as Lauren this whole time, he's had more doubts about her between her not "opening up" enough (ugh), her ex-boyfriend troubles (double ugh), and her family's intent on keeping Ben from breaking JoJo's heart. It would make sense if they didn't end up together. It would also make sense if he and Lauren end up together. But, The Bachelor doesn't always "make sense," which is why Allison and Kelsea believe, despite the season-long Lauren setup, Ben and JoJo are the ones that will leave the show happily ever after.

And, if the idea seems a little out there, just know that it makes a ton of sense once you hear their explanation. After all, there's a reason that Ben's love for JoJo hit him all of a sudden, and those last minute feelings might be enough to knock Lauren out of first place.

But, whoever Ben does propose to, whether it's Lauren B., JoJo, or a mystery third woman Ben brings back (he does love to break rules), someone else is going to be completely blindsided on finale day. Right now JoJo and Lauren B. each think that Ben broke the rules for only them to say "I love you," and when one is sent packing anyway, it's likely not going to end well. But, it will be pretty dramatic, so at least there's that.

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC