What Your Fave 'Full House' Character Says So Much

With all the buzz going on about the premiere of Fuller House, and the news that Fuller House got renewed for a second season (which is the best news all year), we've almost forgotten about the original Full House. Who am I kidding? No one will ever forget about Full House, but this is just another reason to talk about one of my favorite TV classics. This show will remain a permanent staple in my life, and I believe that everyone's favorite Full House character says a lot about them. It's basically the way I choose most of my friends.

One of the reasons is because there is such a wide array of personalities present on this show, and each character represents someone that you could find in your actual friend group Full House equivalent of each of them. If you look hard enough, and you have enough friends, that is. Yes, it might be slightly over the top, but, nonetheless, we all have a Kimmy Gibbler in our lives. If that's your favorite character from Full House, I'm not judging you, but it does say a lot about the kind of person you are (an awesome person, that's the kind).

1. D.J. Tanner

If you like D.J., then you are probably a bit protective, but in a good way. D.J. may have her own set of challenges, but, when the time comes, she is always there for the ones around her. No matter what, she knows where her loyalties are, and she never fails to protect those she loves.

2. Stephanie Tanner

You probably love being the center of attention. Let's be honest. Growing up as the middle child can be hard, especially when you feel a bit overlooked, which is probably why Stephanie always seems to gravitate to activities where she can shine. You probably enjoy doing things that let you express yourself and really show your gifts.

3. Michelle Tanner

Michelle is a very independent thinker, and you probably are too. She doesn't care who she is tattling on, or if she is being the most annoying person in the room, because she dances to the beat of her own drum. If you love Michelle, then you probably covet your independence and do your own thing.

4. Danny Tanner

Can I just get real for a minute? If you like Danny Tanner, then you are probably a neat freak. Anyone who can find his obsessive cleaning endearing only does so because they have the same affinity for sparkling surfaces. With that said, Danny was also one of the best TV fathers of all time, and loyal to the end.

5. Joey Gladstone

I found Joey's silly voices to be a little too silly, but, if you're into that, then more power to you. However, even with the voices, he was a great friend and a great "uncle" to the girls. You probably like to joke around, but, when it's time to get down to it, you know how to buckle down and get stuff done.

6. Uncle Jesse

You're probably very attractive. Just kidding... kind of. Who doesn't love Uncle Jesse? But, if he is your favorite, it's probably because you saw yourself in him. Maybe you connected to his fierce love of his nieces and children, or his musical talent, or maybe you can understand a man who is really into himself. Either way, Uncle Jesse is a beautiful and complex creature, and you probably are too.

7. Aunt Becky

You probably enjoy a good love story. Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse are the best couple on this show, and something about that probably appeals to you. Plus, Becky is sweet, but knows when to be a little feisty, too. You probably have a calm side, but everyone knows not to mess with you.

8. Kimmy Gibbler

If you like Kimmy Gibbler the best, you probably like to think outside the box. Everything Kimmy does is outside of the box, and that's exactly how you like to live your life.

No matter who your favorite character is or what that says about you, all of these characters should hold a special place in your heart.

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