Jojo May Not Know 'Bachelor' Ben Loves Two Women

The overnight date episode of The Bachelor this season was full of surprises, mostly to do with Ben sending Caila home prior to the rose ceremony when he realized he didn't feel the same way for her as the other ladies left in the season. However, even more shocking was the fact that Ben dropped the L-bomb — twice. That's right, Ben broke from Bachelor convention and told both Lauren and Jojo that he loves them. But, does Jojo know Ben told Lauren he loves her on The Bachelor this season?

This is a tricky question since we as viewers don't get to see the complete picture of what happens on The Bachelor, but my best guess is that at this point in the season, Jojo doesn't know Ben told Lauren he loves her during their overnight date. Of course, Jojo may have some inkling that she isn't the only person left in the competition that Ben has feelings for. During her solo interview at the rose ceremony — the ceremony that was just for show since Caila had already been sent home — Jojo did say she's worried about Ben's feelings for Lauren: "There's a part of me that wonders if he said those things to Lauren." So it's certainly possible she has some idea of how serious the other relationship is.

However, this comment from Jojo reads to me more like normal insecurities that spring up when a woman is dating a man (and she just told that man she loves him) who is also in a serious relationship with another woman. During that rose ceremony, both Jojo and Lauren expressed their worries concerning the other lady left in the competition — and that's nothing new. All season long, different contestants have struggled with dating Ben while he dates the other women in the house; now that we're down to the final ladies, it has only been getting more difficult since their relationships have progressed to the point where they're exchanging "I love you"s.

So it makes sense that those worries have gotten progressively worse as the season goes along. Plus, Jojo has been clear about how she feels about the situation with Ben all along — she is super terrified. In the promo for The Bachelor season finale, Jojo expressed how afraid she is of opening herself up to Ben and getting hurt: "I have never been more scared of anything in my entire life."

She may not know that Ben also told Lauren he loves her, but it's obvious Jojo has an idea that their relationship could be just as strong as hers is with Ben. In fact, scared may actually be an understatement. To Ben's credit, he has been keeping his relationships with Jojo and Lauren as separate as possible, letting both develop naturally. Of course, that has led him to the situation he now finds himself in: being in love with two women. Now he just has to make a decision — easy peasy! And by easy peasy, I mean this season finale of The Bachelor is going to be filled with broken hearts and tears, some of which won't be mine.

Images: Jean Whiteside/ABC