Will Frank Kill Claire On 'House Of Cards'? His Dreams Could Foreshadow A Grim Future

Most of us knew going into this that House of Cards Season 4 would focus on the crumbling marriage of Frank and Claire Underwood. However, what we didn't suspect was just how violent Frank would become during their separation... even if it was only in his mind. Mere hours after Claire had stormed out on him, we witnessed Frank daydream about beating Claire and brutally throwing her up against the wall. It was only a brief glimpse into his subconscious before Meechum accidentally woke him up, but it was enough to give viewers a troubling insight into what's currently going on in this President's head. In fact, it's made me very worried about the First Lady's safety and may indicate that Frank will end up killing Claire on House of Cards at some point this season.

Spousal and partner abuse is a very serious problem that real women face on a daily basis, so this is definitely an important issue for the show to address. And we all know by now that Frank has absolutely no qualms with harming — and even killing — women. (Zoe being thrown from the subway platform will forever be ingrained into my mind.) So for Frank to be thinking about physically attacking his wife, even when he's had a chance to calm down after their fight, suggests that Claire may no longer be safe in his presence. And it's not just in this one instance where you see Frank take on such a hostile demeanor with her.

While making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in Episode 2, Frank recounted the time a childhood friend ran away to his house and refused to climb out of a tree in fear of being sent back home. He didn't come from a violent family and had no real reason to run away — a fact which eventually made Frank mad and resulted in him taking an ax to the tree. So while he's willing to give Claire some time to come back around to his side, he stated that she better climb down that tree of hers before he takes out his ax. That's pretty violent imagery right there and paints a parallel picture of Frank knocking Claire down from her own ambitions.

In Episode 3, Frank envisions harming Claire once more while saying, "we need to respond to strength with strength." The more Claire's power continues to grow, the angrier he's getting. It's almost like he wants to choke out (literally and figuratively) her strength and independence. He doesn't want her to have her own voice, just the voice that he thinks will benefit him best. But if anyone can bring this formidable man down, it would be Claire. I only hope that she doesn't become his next victim in the process.

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