9 Feminist Moments From 'House of Cards' Season 3 To Savor All Year Long

There's absolutely no doubt that House of Cards Season 3 gave viewers plenty to wrap their minds around. However, one of the most standout features from this political drama's third installment was the fact that the HoC female characters took center stage throughout a majority of the season. So in honor of that and the fact that we'll have to wait yet another year to see where these storylines continue to go, I've decided to rank Season 3's top feminist moments (from least to most), that prove these ladies don't need to be president in order to run the world.

Warning: major spoilers ahead (but you knew that).

Image: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Kate Baldwin Makes Her Debut

Though reporters have never had great luck on this show, Kate’s entrance seemed full of promise, especially after she assured Seth that her Pulitzer Prize-winning techniques were going to be a lot worse than what he thought he was facing with her protege Ayla. Granted, her bark seemed worse than her actual bite by the end of the season, but her initial entrance and confident presence was very impressive nonetheless.

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The Pickle Pun

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a good pickle joke, especially when it comes at the expense of questioning an evil president’s manhood. So after Petrov forces his dinner party to partake in several shots of alcohol — which included sniffing bread and eating little pickles immediately afterward — he also asked Claire to say a few words, in which she took the time to toast Petrov and “his little pickle.” I mean, what a great jab. So subtle and yet so full of underlying meanings.

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Pussy Riot Causes A… Well… Riot

President Underwood may have wanted to play nice with President Petrov, but that didn’t stop these members from Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot from speaking their minds about the unjust ways of his leadership. I particularly enjoyed when they poured their drinks out after Petrov’s toast and simply stormed out. That’s better than any mic drop in my book.

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What Came First, Claire Or The Egg?

Claire may have lost the vote for ambassador, but there was no way in hell this First Lady was going to take this injustice laying down. Which is what made this symbolic gesture all the more meaningful. Much like the White House commemorative eggs, Claire refuses to go with tradition — selecting a red egg instead of a “girly” pink one — and then going so far as to literally crack eggs into her frying pan. She is breaking tradition in more ways than one and gobbling it up as a late night snack. You go, girl!

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Claire's Royal Flush

We all know to never underestimate Claire, but it’s a lesson the Russian Ambassador had to learn the hard way as she slyly informed him (via bathroom stall meeting) that thanks to an executive order, Israel has now agreed to join her U.N. resolution after all, despite his assumption that the deal would fall through. Sorry, dude, but you should’ve known what happens when people assume… Claire will make an ass out of you and Russia.

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Heather Dunbar's Bait & Switch

It takes a strong woman to a pull a fast one on Frank Underwood, which is exactly what Heather Dunbar did when she announced her surprise candidacy for President of the United States, just after assuring Frank that she’d take the open Supreme Court Justice seat. It’s bold. It’s inspiring. It puts a woman in a real power play position for the Oval Office. Get used to it, folks. This is the future.

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Heather & Jackie Join Forces

What’s better than one woman running for president? Having another fellow female candidate back her with no ulterior motive. And that’s exactly what Jackie Sharp ended up doing. Though Frank promised her a V.P. placement on his ticket, Jackie inevitably decided to go with the candidate who promised her nothing in return, but who she knew would be the better leader: Heather Dunbar. Seeing these two join forces just felt so empowering, especially after that terrible debate. Women should be lifting other women up. Not trying to tear them down, and this bold move of Jackie’s proved to rectify that situation, further making them the team worth rooting for. More of this, please!

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Claire Takes A Stand

After episode upon episode of Claire bowing down to Frank’s wishes, her stand against Petrov’s treatment of Michael Corrigan and gay rights in general during a press conference proved that she’s still the same strong woman we originally fell in love with. This move wasn’t for political gain. In fact, it had quite the opposite effect. But it was something she felt strongly about and was prepared to go against not one, but two presidents’ wishes to make sure Michael’s voice was heard. I’m Team Claire all the way on this one.

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Claire Leaves Frank In The Dust

And last, but certainly not least, there’s the shocking moment where Claire finally decides to leave Frank for good. She is done living in the shadows and helping him to make his dreams come true. She has aspirations as well and deserves to have her time to shine — something that being married to Frank hasn’t allowed her to do. (Let’s just see how President Underwood struggles throughout the rest of this election without Claire by his side.) You do you, girl. You do you.

Images: David Giesbrecht/Netflix