The Best Throwback Moments From ‘Finding Dory'

Good news, fish fans: An all-new Finding Dory trailer was released on Wednesday, and there are so many great moments in this preview that you won’t be able to help yourself. You will instantly start counting down the days until this much-anticipated Pixar sequel hit theaters. You know, just in case you weren’t already. But some of the best moments in the new trailer are actually some pretty familiar sights. Because this preview is chock-full of the best throwback moments that remind you of another fish-friendly movie that you probably already know and love. Sure, the cast of characters is different and so is the storyline — this time around Dory is looking for her lost family — but there are still plenty of amazing throwback moments in the new Finding Dory trailer.

The whole thing feels like one long amazing flashback. And that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s clear that the story in Finding Dory has changed enough to keep even the pickiest of fans content. But it also seems like the things that made Finding Nemo so great — the circumstances, the jokes, the super charming characters —will definitely be back for a second round in the sea.

Just look at some of these amazing moments from the new trailer. They’ll have you flashing back big time to when Finding Nemo was first released.

1. School Is Still In Session

Hopefully still with clever songs sung by Professor Stingray.

2. Animals Are Still Migrating

So much movement under the sea, but this time the things that are migrating are stingrays.

3. Dory’s Still Pretty Confused

Even though she seems to have been struck by some deep-seated memory, she’s still not totally with it enough to make sense of it.

4. Marlin Is Still Having His Life Shaken Up By Dory

These two together, though, am I right? The best odd couple in animated history.

5. The Baby Turtles Are Back

What would an underwater adventure be without them?

6. Marlin Is Still As Uptight As Ever

Don’t get it twisted. That’s sheer terror on his face.

7. There Are Even More Adorably Flawed Sharks

“I’m not a great swimmer,” this one says as Dory confronts her in what looks like an aquarium tank. I love a character with a good humanizing flaw.

8. There's Even More Fish Tank Living

How Dory gets herself into a fish tank is still anyone’s guess, but I’m totally dying to find out how she does.

9. There Is Yet Another Fish-Happy Hellion

AKA a child who does not understand the fragility of Aquarian life.

It’s clear that this film combines the very best of the first movie with a new and exciting storyline for the sequel, and I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on it. Kinda like that scary kid with the fish tank.

Image: Pixar (9)