The Full 'Finding Dory' Trailer Is Just Too Cute

I can tell I'm getting older, because I watched the first full trailer for Finding Dory , and my take away was how well the ensemble cast works together, and specifically how well Ellen DeGeneres shares the spotlight. I feel like a proud mom, watching my kids playing and saying from the sidelines, "Gosh do they know how to play well with others!" Who have I become? But that ensemble vibe is a huge part of what makes this movie and the one before it so remarkable. Using the original, Finding Nemo , as an example, it's a pretty simple story of a lost fish — but because of the talent and enthusiasm that everyone involved brings to the project, it becomes so much more than that. It turns into a story that's fleshed out, heart-warming, enjoyable for kids and adults, and most importantly, collaborative. And, based on this first trailer, it looks as though Finding Dory is going in the same direction.

Call me crazy, but when all I can hear is an actor's voice, I feel like my senses get heightened, and I can hear variations that otherwise would slip by me. And, by listening to the voices in this trailer — of Ellen and Kaitlin Olson and Ty Burrell and Albert Brooks and Ed O'Neill — it couldn't be clearer to me how much they're enjoying themselves and each other. It's right there in their voices, and the way that, even though Ellen's character's name is right there in the title, we still hop around, getting a feel for all of the other characters who round out this amazing sequel. Take a look and a listen at this magic.

Do you see what I mean? There's just this sensation of everyone working as a team, even though technically Ellen is the star. Everyone gets their little moment to shine, to get a laugh, to show us their character, and then we move seamlessly on. And this is just the trailer, so imagine how collaborative and ensemble-y it's going to be in the real thing. I know we're all already thinking it, but Jun. 17 really can't come quickly enough.

Image: TheEllenShow/YouTube