17 St. Patrick's Day Desserts That Celebrate The Luck Of The Irish In The Sweetest Way

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day — after all, who doesn’t want an excuse to drink a great brew, wear green, and have an all-around party on March 17? While parades and pub crawls may make this holiday even more fun, there are also plenty of St. Patrick’s Day desserts you can whip up and chow down on if you’re trying to celebrate in your own home.

To appease your sweet tooth, you can easily go green by indulging in plenty of chocolate mint recipes. But you’re not confined to all-mint-everything if peppermint just isn’t your jam. You can go original by trying out some citrusy lime desserts, or go for a more traditional route. Desserts like Irish toffee shortbread are always classic (and delicious!), and a slightly sweeter take on Irish soda bread may just have you viewing this staple in a whole new light.

With plenty of shamrock decorations and green sprinkles to spare, any dessert can feel St. Paddy’s Day-appropriate, but these 17 desserts go above and beyond. With a St. Patrick’s Day drink in-hand and plenty of sweets to choose from, you’ll seriously be feeling the luck of the Irish — even if you don’t quite find a pot of gold.

1. Mint And Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars

It's time to get friendly with your food processor. Averie Cooks grinds chocolate-filled Oreos to make the perfect base for these minty fudge bars. Green sprinkles give them a festive edge.

2. Mint Oreo Truffles

What could be more festive than minty green truffles? Bakerella uses cool mint Oreos for an easy-to-make filling.

3. Lime Baby Cakes

So, you don't want all of your desserts to be green mint flavored. Never fear! A Farmgirl's Dabbles' miniature lime cakes make a refreshing citrusy treat.

4. Cake Batter Cookies

Take it from House of Yumm: cake batter results in totally soft, fluffy cookies. With a little icing and some sprinkles, they become St. Paddy's party-ready.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip Cheese Balls

These cream cheese-based desserts by Inside BruCrew Life pair well with chocolate graham crackers — or, just eaten all at once.

6. Irish Car Bomb Brownies

With Baileys Irish Cream, Guinness beer, and Irish whiskey in its ingredients list, A Spicy Perspective's brownie recipe is certainly one for a boozy dessert. Plus, a creamy swirl makes any kind of brownie even better.

7. Key Lime Fudge

Shortbread cookies make the base of Cookies and Cups' key lime fudge, and a little bit of food coloring doesn't hurt to make these creamy, citrusy treats more festive.

8. Irish Shortbread Toffee Bars

Chocolate, toffee, and shortbread: what could be better? The Kitchn's simple take on the Irish dessert isn't hard to master, but the result is out of this world.

9. Triple Layer Fudgy Minto Oreo Bars

If you'd like a fudgy dessert that isn't too rich, then these brownies by Averie Cooks are your best bet. A minty marshmallow mixture makes a sweet alternative to frosting.

10. Green Velvet Cupcakes

Sure, they're basically the same thing as red velvet cupcakes, except with green food dye. But Bakerella's moist cupcakes are a fail-proof dessert for St. Paddy's Day.

11. Homemade Chocolate Pudding With Grasshopper Cream

Chocolate pudding feels a lot more special when it's made from scratch using dark chocolate. Plus, A Farmgirl's Dabbles makes a vibrant cream topping that isn't overly sweet, using creme de menthe and cream cheese.

12. Junior Mint Cupcakes

One of the greatest joys is biting into a chocolate candy to get to a creamy mint interior, and House of Yumm creates that sensation with a cupcake. Chocolate cupcakes are filled with irresistible mint cream.

13. Irish Cream Chocolate Coconut Cookies

The secret to giving a batch of cookies an Irish cream flavor without reaching for the Baileys? Inside BruCrew Life uses flavored coffee creamer.

14. Sweet Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a staple of this holiday, but it's not always dessert table-worthy. A Spicy Perspective's version isn't a dry or boring loaf in the slightest.

15. Beer And Pretzel Cookies

What better treat to enjoy with a tall pint of Guinness than these beer and pretzel cookies by Cookies and Cups? Think of them as your updated version of your classic chocolate chip.

16. Boozy Shamrock Shakes

You don't need to go to the McDonald's drive-through to get a coveted, seasonal Shamrock Shake. The Kitchn shows you can make them in your own home — and make them even better with an adult-only twist.

17. Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

So you've made a boozy Shamrock Shake — now it's time to take on Brown Eyed Baker's cupcakes version. Vanilla and mint combine to create a flavor that's not overwhelmingly strong.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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