17 Delias Products That Tug At Our Heartstrings

by Julia Musto

Once upon a time in the mid '90s to early 2000s, dElia*s was the number one girl's fashion destination alongside my own favorite store, Limited Too. The world was a much simpler place then. I wore mostly Paul Frank graphic tees and these terrifying zip-away pants. However, everything changed in 2014 when dElia*s officially filed for bankruptcy. The world we had once known was lost, and all remnants of the past seemed dissolved in a future of online, catalog-free shopping.

However, according to BuzzFeed, dElia*s savior Steve Russo purchased the brand for $2.5 million after the outcry from nostalgic fans struck him. Russo told BuzzFeed, "It was hard to not buy dElia*s when everybody was crying that dElia*s was closing." I feel you, Steve. If dElia*s fans are anything like people on Tumblr, I would have to give in too. dElia*s became solely an online brand aimed towards the teenage demographic during fall of 2015, but Refinery 29 reported that the brand is also creating a magazine that will be mailed out monthly. That sounds like a catalog to me!

Lastly, for those customers who convinced Russo to keep dElia*s around, there will be sizes and clothing designed specifically for them in the future, according to Gothamist. Russo told BuzzFeed, “We don’t want to confuse the customer, but we’re working on some things that will make it so older customers can get products for themselves as well … we want to make sure we’re meeting expectations and then do some really fun things.”

So, it's time to pull out all of your old catalogs and celebrate. Here are a few dElia*s catalog staples that I'm longing for:

1. AlTeRnAtInG CaPs LoCk TyPe

It's like a whole other language, but any teenage girl who was cool could still read it!

2. Paul Frank Everything

Michael Bezjian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Paul Frank was a good part of my life for a few years. I had one of these wallets and at least five graphic tees.

3. Platform Flipflops

I know. It's crazy that platform shoes are coming back into high fashion, but if you still have your dEliA*s flip flops, you may want to take them out.

4. Maxi Skirts

A jean maxi skirt with Birkenstocks? This was the epitome of cool in the dELiA*s era.

5. Crazy Makeup Shades

Talk about paying attention to the color wheel! dEliA*s was ahead of their time in this aspect.

6. Radical Prints

Most everything came in some sort of weird floral print, regardless of season.

7. Peasant Tops

Yes, I am guilty of loving the peasant top trend.

8. Sunnies

SuNNieS to sHADe yourself from the terrifying sun. They also came in twenty different colors.

9. Ah-Mah-Zing '90s Hairstyles

Look at this amazing up-do! The strands of hair hanging from the top was so '90s. Add a headband and it is a perfect look!

10. Choker Necklaces

YoU d0Wn? Chokers are like $500 at Givenchy now.

11. Spaghetti Strap Tanks

These boxy tanks were your go-tos. They came in so, so, many colors to go with your cargo print shorts.

12. Platform Jellies

As it turns out you can platform just about anything. These are all the rage over seas.

13. Puffy Vests

I'm pretty sure Seth Cohen wore this vest on The O.C. with a Paul Frank shirt.

14. Huge Snowboarder Tops

If I could wear snowboarder shirts every day, I would. I almost did. Ask my mom.

15. Empire Waist Dresses

These dresses are so Cher from Clueless. Your dad would so not approve.

16. Huge Cords

If you say you didn't own a pair of these, you are lying to me and yourself. Own it. They were, "MoRe HAndY tHaN A TrUcK fUlL oF CArPEnTErs." That was a literal phrase used in one of the catalogs. Is there a pattern to this language, or not?!

17. Halter Swimsuits

Halter tops or anything that exposed your stomach were perfect. Right, mom?

I can't wait to relive all of our pasts, but in a less awkward teenager body!

Images: SoughtAfterVNTG/Twitter