Will Shoshanna Stay In Japan On HBO's 'Girls'? She's Determined To Make Things Work On Her Own

Since Shoshanna got her awesome job in Japan last season, I've been missing her big time in the new episodes of Girls. She brings a lightness and a comedic relief in a way that no other character is capable of, and besides, she's awesome. But on Sunday night's episode, Girls takes us into Shosh's life in Japan, and it couldn't be a more perfect fit. She loves her job, she's making friends, and she's even met a guy she likes better than her soup loving boyfriend, Scott, back home. And, then, it all comes crashing down on her when she gets fired, thanks to downsizing in the Japanese division of her company.

Shosh is immediately heartbroken, and it's easy to understand why. She's built a life for herself in another country that she loves, and she managed to successfully run away from her problems, something so few of us are ever able to do. Being in New York, where she can't find a job and has to deal with Scott (who is sweet, but a total drag) does not sound as fun as crazy nights out listening to her favorite DJs play. Plus, her apartment (especially her alarm clock, which has a face on it) is just so cute.

So she calls Scott, tells him what happened, and he tells her to get on the next flight home and he'll take care of the rest. Instead, she decides not to get on her flight, goes to a concert, and ends up kissing the guy she's been crushing on for weeks — clearly living her best life. Why leave?

Until now, Shosh has always been the optimistic, light hearted one in Hannah's group, but in Japan, where she's on her own, she's finally had the chance to become who she's always wanted to be. I can't blame her for not wanting to run home to a boyfriend who's trying to get her to work at his company and let him take care of her, and it's awesome to see the growth it's given her character. Where's the adventure in being taken care of? I hope she doesn't back down and keeps forging her own path. If this keeps up, she totally deserves a spinoff when Girls ends next season. Just an idea!

Image: Giphy, Geoff Johnson/HBO