Bustle's Callie Timpanaro On Her Personal Style Secrets (And The Importance Of Chokers)

Whenever I wear a choker, I kind of feel like I'm playing '90s dress-up, but when Callie Timpanaro wears a choker, it looks completely organic. Callie wears a lot of things that are theoretically hard to pull off, but she makes them look totally effortless and cool. I find myself thinking (Mean Girls style): "Callie Timpanaro wore two French braids and ruffled socks, so I'm going to wear two french braids and ruffled socks." But the thing about personal style is that it's just that — personal. I would look a little crazy if I tried to wear ruffled socks with twin French braids. But that's why when I looked to delve deeper into the sartorial world of some real Bustle women, Callie was at the top of my list. She's constantly mixing it up, trying new trends, and doing it with enviable ease.

In partnership with Nordstrom, we took some time to chat with Callie about her fashion philosophy and the thought process that influences how she gets dressed in the morning. Spoiler alert: the Jersey-raised sales coordinator makes it sound as easy as it looks. (Not fair!) Read on to check out a couple of her favorite spring looks — and steal her style secrets.

She's All About Balance

"This look is the perfect combination of chic and edgy. The plaid flannel midi skirt is so cool and different, and I love how it contrasts against the more polished turtleneck."

A Casual Office Vibe Means Endless Options

"I would describe my work look as 'cozy business casual' — our office is definitely informal. If I wear a dress or a skirt-and-top combo, I make sure to dress it down with a cute pair of sneakers. At least a few days out of the week, you can catch me in distressed denim and simple tees, but I'll always play around with my jewelry and hair."

It's All In The Details

"I'm super proud of my choker collection — all about the '90s throwback. I'm also obsessed with earrings and love mixing up different studs. Who says they need to match?"

She Switches It Up Every Day

"My style is pretty casual, but I like details with a little edge and draw quite a bit of boho inspiration — it changes a little every day. I'm always experimenting with my look to keep things interesting. One day I might be in ripped jeans and a crop top, and the next you could find me in a colorful skater dress. "

She Chooses Trends Wisely

"Lately I've been really into the whole lace-up top trend... which I should probably give a rest, but not just yet! Aside from that, I'm all about rompers and jumpsuits — they make putting an outfit together so easy, and always look adorable."

She Loves Trying New Things

"I've always been about trying new things. I love to switch it up depending on my mood. Living in the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it's almost too easy to find outfit inspiration and think of new combos to try out. Some of my favorites are Alicia Lund, Danielle Bernstein, and Le Happy."

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Photography: Lauren Perlstein; Styling: Jenna Wexler