The New Avocado Shaving Instagram Trend That Every Brunch Happy Human Will Love

We've seen a lot of food trends on Instagram. The berry bowl is over, gooey grilled cheese is basic, the color-coordinated vegetables are so snooze, the surprise bacon is overrated, the bleeding egg yolk is whatever — but the new shaved avocado Instagram trend is everything, and might be here for a while. The Internet loves avocados, and they're nice to photograph — that bright green and yellow power fruit is sexy as hell and makes any dish look exciting.

In case you've been living on Mars for the last year, avocados are incredibly good for you, packed with protein, healthy fat, potassium, fiber, vitamin K, C, B and E. And their creamy texture makes them a baller dairy substitute for sauces and dressings. It's no surprise that fancy food blogs and Instagram accounts like to use avocados to style their dishes. In almost every styled food picture you can find a perfectly sliced or mashed avocado. But when the gorgeous online food publication from The Netherlands, Food Deco, posted some pictures a few months ago featuring shaved avocado garnishes, the Internet was like yasssssss, hand me my peeler!

The only hitch is that they're actually pretty difficult to peel. You have to use an underripe avocado that's still a little hard so that the peeler doesn't just smash it. Then you have to be very careful transporting the shavings to your food, because they break easily. So game on for all you competitive avocado lovers. For your viewing pleasure, I present you with a collection of mouth-watering glam shots of shaved avocado, doing it's thing, making bland dishes look gourmet AF.

Deli Style

Here, the shaved avocado matches the deli meat in texture, making it more of a consistent, married bite. Pardon me while I Lysol the drool off my keyboard.

Hot Potato

Bet you never thought of putting avocado on a baked potato. Well, now that you get can it paper thin, why not use it as a garnish or sour cream substitute? The heat from the potato will soften it even further, basically turning it into butter by the time it hits your tongue.


So chic. So fresh. So nice to look at! Warm shaved avocado keeping that lonely chicken company. Don't be afraid to grill it — avocado can hold up, especially when it's underripe.

The Main Event

Avocado doesn't have to just be something you put on top. It can be the main event. By layering shaved slices of avocado on each other, you can get a pretty high pile for a hearty vegan sandwich. Add some hummus as a healthy, protein packed alternative to mayonnaise and give yourself a pat on the back for being green.

Images: Courtesy of Food Deco