Chris Hemsworth's 'Ghostbusters' Role Is Confusing

It's time to freak out: the Ghostbusters official trailer is finally here, and it's awesome. While the video focuses mainly on the four leads — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon — and their ghostbusting endeavors, it also gives the first look at Chris Hemsworth in action as the Ghostbusters' secretary. Hemsworth, also known as the god of thunder Thor, appears only briefly in the two minute trailer, but he certainly makes an impression. Still, the trailer doesn't provide much insight into his character. So, what exactly is Chris Hemsworth's role in Ghostbusters ?

It's known that he plays a secretary, and when it was announced that the actor would be joining the cast of the Ghostbusters reboot in this position, fans everywhere rejoiced. Not only did Hemsworth's presence promise some extra eye candy, it also marked a strong feminist stance. That said, there's no doubt Hemsworth isn't stuck in your ordinary secretary role. As a character named Kevin, Hemsworth probably won't just be answering phones and worrying about the well-being of the Ghostbusters team. It's also likely that he'll be more than a love interest for one of the main ladies, and have a significant part that'll make a big impression on viewers.

In the first released photo of Hemsworth in Ghostbusters, he sure looks like one studly secretary. Wearing a pair of devastatingly nerdy and attractive glasses and vest, Hemsworth looks the part, sitting behind a desk in front of a computer and office phone. Based on the photo, you might thing he really plays the stereotypical secretary role. But the trailer tells another story. The teaser shows Hemsworth, now free of his suit and tie uniform, kicking down a door wearing one of the famous Ghostbusters' jumpsuits. Hemsworth isn't a nerdy secretary anymore. He's muscle — he's an action star.

Unfortunately for Kevin, it looks like his bigger role in the film might include being possessed. As he's seen kicking open a door, McCarthy's Abby Yates is heard in a voiceover saying, "These ghosts can possess the human form." Does secretary Kevin get possessed? It would explain the rigidity of his movements in the clip — the same rigidity displayed by a possessed Abby in the next scene.

Possessed or not, Hemsworth is wearing a Ghostbusters jumpsuit in the film, which suggests that the secretary doesn't stay behind the desk for too long, especially not when it's time to bust some ghosts. Take a look at the full trailer below and see Hemsworth in all his secretarial glory for yourself.

Images: Columbia Pictures (2); theochip4/tumblr (2)