Who Are The Front-Runners For Donald Trump's VP?

American Democratic voters, and quite a few Republican voters, alike are finding difficulty in the possibility of leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump making it all the way to the Republican National Convention this summer and snagging the party's nomination. Opposing candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are having an even harder time dealing with the ever-more-likely scenario. However, with Trump now well on his way to meeting the minimum number of delegate votes required for the party's nomination, people can't deny Trump's chances of his name on the general election ballot. But whose name could be written alongside Trump's as the Republican candidate for vice president is still cloudy. Who are the front-runners for Donald Trump's VP candidate? There are a few familiar faces who could get a spot on the Trump ticket.

Trump could ask someone with a relatively big name in the U.S. military, since the billionaire has repeatedly spoken of his love for the country's armed forces and his plan to lift the caps on funding for all branches. Think former CIA director General David Petraeus, but without all the baggage that Petraeus took on after it was revealed the retired military officer was involved in an extramarital affair and shared classified information. But Trump has not yet provided any hints as to a high ranking officer who Trump has his eyes on for the VP spot. So here are the folks Trump doesn't hold a grudge against, and therefore may be totally willing to make his second-in-command:

Chris Christie

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While Trump himself doesn't seem to be all about this pairing — especially since Christie's approval rating has gone down the toilet — Christie is all about getting on that Trump 2016 ticket. To escape pretty much all of his gubernatorial duties back in New Jersey, Christie has been campaigning across the country for the businessman candidate. Knowing that his options are zilch if Trump doesn't ask him to be his VP, it appears Christie will maybe do anything to make the team-up happen.

Ben Carson


A poll taken by Morning Consult actually put Carson as the top choice for Trump's VP, and Carson has never seriously attacked Trump. In fact, Trump has come to Carson's side amid controversy that Cruz's supporters spread rumors in Iowa that the former neurosurgeon had dropped out. (If only you had kept it friendly, Rubio, you too could have seen your name on the short list.) Trump likely would also take into consideration the chance for more votes from African-American communities if Carson was on the ticket in the general election.

Sarah Palin

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Palin has sort of disappeared since her public endorsement of Trump back in January, but she did endorse the billionaire for president. The former Alaska governor also has experience in, well, being the Republican candidate for vice president. Plus, she's a woman, and Trump has some proving to do in the area of "I'm not a misogynist."

John Kasich

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Similar to Carson, Kasich clearly showed his interest in a top spot at the White House by running his own campaign for president and succeeded in not making Trump really, really mad.

Trump could also surprise everyone (read: no one) by choosing three-time The Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. If Trump wants an attack dog VP and doesn't want Christie to be that person, Omarosa would own that role.