I Used Body Butter Under My Makeup For A Dewy Glow

In case you missed it, Korean beauty trends have taken over, one of which I knew I had to jump on immediately: using Shea butter underneath foundation for a dewy, "glow-from-within" look. After trying the Korean straight eyebrow trend, and adding a couple of Korean beauty products to my beauty regimen, I thought that trying this Shea butter technique would actually be pretty cool, especially because I have such dry skin in the winter. Using Shea butter makes total sense, but would it make me look oily instead of glowy?

I took it to the Internet to see how it worked and if others liked the technique. Blogger Shade of Jade talked about her experience using Shea butter, saying, "It is super thick (heavy duty), but it absorbs very quickly and easy. It doesn’t feel at all sticky, and instead leaves you with that “dewy” feeling. Your skin looks smooth, looks/feels moist, and makes it really easy to apply makeup over because it is so moisturized." Well, I'm all for smooth and dewy, so consider me sold.

Instead of using Shea butter, I opted to use my favorite olive oil butter. I'm a huge fan of using olive oil for many different parts of my skincare routine and thought that it'd give the same dewy effect as Shea butter underneath my foundation.

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Here's how it all went down.

1. I Washed My Face

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First and foremost, I made sure my skin was super clean and fresh before applying the body butter. I didn't want any extra oils from my face to get mixed up with the oils from the body butter. I used a foaming cleanser and made sure my skin was good to go.

2. I Dabbed On Small Amounts

Knowing that the olive oil butter was really thick in consistency, I decided to dab just a little bit in small portions all over my face, evenly distributing and massaging it into my pores. The feeling felt great and my skin was feeling pretty dewy already.

3. I Applied Foundation

After the body butter, I applied my foundation like I normally would. To my surprise, I found that my foundation went on much smoother. It also felt like my face was better hydrated and moisturized than usual.

4. I Put The Rest Of My Makeup On

After I was done with the foundation, I put highlighter, bronzer, blush, and concealer on. I found that applying bronzer and contouring was a little bit more difficult than usual, but it wasn't that big of a deal. My advice? Make sure you carefully blend in your product.

The Results

Overall, I would definitely do this again. I loved how the body butter felt and looked on my skin. It helped me get achieve the dewy look and natural glow that I was going for. It also almost acted like a highlighter as well, giving me more of a natural radiance.

The only downside? I don't think that I would use this technique for warmer days in the summer. The consistency of the body butter was pretty thick and at times, it definitely felt a little heavy on my face.

However, if you do have dry skin and you have a problem with makeup drying out on your skin, I would definitely suggest applying some body butter beforehand!

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Images: Danelle Sandoval