The Kind Of Knife Found On O.J.'s Estate

On Friday, after decades of speculation about what kind of murder weapon was used in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, an unexpected piece of news emerged: A knife was allegedly found buried on O.J. Simpson's estate years ago by a construction worker who was demolishing the building at the time, according to TMZ and Fox 5, alongside other news sources. That construction worker allegedly handed over the knife to a cop, according to TMZ's report, but that cop never passed on the knife to the LAPD, instead allegedly keeping it as a kind of memento.

According to TMZ, the knife found at the Simpson estate was a folding buck knife, discovered buried some years ago. Now that the LAPD reportedly has control of the knife, it is testing it for any evidence that could still be left on the knife, according to TMZ. That said, since Simpson was already tried for murder in a court of law and found guilty — and is now serving decades behind bars for other felonies — it's unlikely that any evidence that could emerge would mean that the former NFL player could be re-prosecuted, so to speak, for the alleged murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman.

The construction worker who found the knife, and the cop who reportedly held onto it instead of handing it in at the time, have not been identified.

The murder weapon that was used to kill Brown Simpson and Goldman has never been found.