What Happened To Peter Pan On 'Once Upon A Time'? Robbie Kay Reveals What To Expect From His Big Return

Sunday is the premiere of Once Upon A Time Season 5B, which also happens to be OUAT 's 100th episode. Such a monumental occasion won't go uncelebrated, either — Sunday night's premiere is due to be one of its biggest and best, with plenty of old faces stopping by as the Storybrooke crew heads to the Underworld in an attempt to bring Hook back to the world of the living. One such familiar face who will return is Peter Pan. He died back in Season 3, but he has found a home with Hades himself in the years since. And, while it's unclear how much time Pan will spend on our screens during the second half of the season, Robbie Kay tells Bustle he was more than happy to reprise his role.

"I was really, really excited to come back to the show. It was really good fun the first time around, brilliant cast and crew, and Vancouver is a wonderful city to work in, so I was really chuffed when I found out they were thinking of bringing the character back," Kay says.

It does make perfect sense that Pan would be one of the tortured souls we'd find milling around the Underworld. After all, Hades' domain isn't really a resting place for those who've lived a life of nobility and kindness — in fact, it's quite the opposite. And, as Pan took his final breaths in his son's arms, he was far from redeemed, so it seems only natural that he's got some baggage to sort through in the afterlife.

"A fair amount of time has passed and a lot has happened. I think the character has had a lot of time to reflect on Rumpelstiltskin and the other characters in the show and his attitude has changed a little bit," Kay explains. "Obviously that same persona is still going to be very much there, the real kind of core of his character is there, but everything has changed and I think there are different things at stake now that can kind of alter the way he's seen on screen. It'll be interesting to see how the interactions between him and other characters have changed now."

Indeed, Rumple has undergone some pretty serious changes over the past two seasons, from bad to good and back again, so when he steps into the Underworld as the Dark One once again, he'll fit right in — a fact that could have an affect on the father/son reunion, as Kay points out, and not necessarily a positive one.

That changes the relationship almost, doesn't it? If you think where he was in Season 3, he wasn’t on that dark side of darkness, really — he was trying to be better, even temporarily. Now that [Rumple's] kind of going back to how he was before, that might change things between him and his father. That will definitely be interesting.

But, while fans are all looking forward to seeing the Dark One come face-to-face with such an important figure in his past, is there a chance that Pan might play a bigger part in the sojourn to the Underworld? In other words, could he have a few run-ins with some of Rumple's traveling companions? Kay is certainly all for it.

"It would be interesting for him to have an alliance with the Evil Queen or Emma, depending on what circumstance it is. I worked a little bit with [Jennifer Morrison] and [Lana Parrilla] the first time around, so it would be great to form those relationships a little bit more, to be honest with you," the actor admits. "Every character is interesting in their own way and Pan’s interactions with them would be interesting to explore."

Whatever happens down there, it's sure to be exciting and, with Pan around, likely include a whole lot of trouble, as well.

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