Website Helps You Buy Things That Last Forever

There's no question that quantity is more valued than quality these days. However, getting the cheap deal isn't usually the less expensive one, which is why Buy Me Once exists — it's a website that helps you buy things that will last forever. We all know the ease (and let's be real, fun) of buying a once-and-done trend dress at the mall, or perusing the maze of a superstore for a side table that will just have to be replaced in a year anyway. For many people, cheaper options are the only options — but for those who aren't in as tight of financial circumstances, considering saving up and investing in an item you know will last a lifetime really is the more fiscally wise option, as well as the best choice for the environment. But when it comes to figuring out where to shop and how to invest, many of us are left in the dark.

Before the post-WWII economic boom created affordable consumer goods to American citizens, people shopped a lot less. It simply wasn't an option. Back then, you'd have to really invest in a piece of clothing or furniture because it would be made by a trained tailor or carpenter — which meant that while, yes, it would be more expensive, it would also be of a higher quality (and perfectly suited for your desires and needs).

Enter Buy Me Once. The site is designed to help consumers find well made, well-priced items that are going to last as long as you need them to. The products featured all demonstrate extraordinary longevity, which means they are made with only the best quality, and guaranteed for a lifetime. Upon first glance, some of them may seem unreasonably priced ($300 for a pot?), but with a little more digging, you'll find that there are also some other items that actually aren't that much more expensive than their cheaper versions (here's a $425 dresser, for example).

But the real point is not how much you're going to spend, but the fact that you're actually going to end up saving money in the long run. Think of it this way: Either you'll invest $300 in a pot right now, or let's say you need to replace your cookware every two years due to overuse and sticking, staining, and whatever else. A decent quality pot goes for about $100 full price elsewhere (or less, if you're really looking to skimp), so over the next 40 years, you'll end up spending $2,000 on what would otherwise cost you $300 (and you'd also save yourself the hassle of having to clean, cook, and live with lower quality stuff).

If it's an option to invest for the long term, always take it. It's better for your wallet, for the planet, and honestly, for your peace of mind.

Images: Unsplash; Giphy