13 Stages Of A Spring Break Romance

by Meghan Bassett
A couple sharing a romantic kiss overlooking a city skyline during spring break
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It’s that time of year again. Spring break is just around the corner; meaning people everywhere will be descending on vacation destinations all around the world. And, with an exotic change of scenery comes the chance of romance. If you’ve ever had a spring break romance, you know there are 13 stages that inevitably come with it.

Spring break romances are those elusive unicorns that you always try to grasp onto a little too tightly. Clinging to the memory of a spring break fling that has come and gone is usually an effort to avoid completely getting back to reality when the vacation ends. That one-week of a whirlwind romance with someone perfect is hard to let go of, but the end of the vacation always arrives at some point.

Should you have a spring break romance? Assuming you’re single, the answer should be a resounding yes, if it sounds like something you'd be into. Have a fling, let your hair down, and enjoy a girl or guy for the week that you have with them. It can definitely be worth it — you just have to know what you are getting into. So know the stages, know the signs, and get your spring fling on.

1. Revving up for a night out

Maybe you’re on the plane, maybe you’re already at your hotel, but you and your friends are getting ready for a night out. You have your cocktail, you’re psyched. Let’s find love.

2. You catch a glimpse

Whoa! Who was that hottie?

3. Your eyes meet

In an instant, boom. Red hot chemistry. Time to get the party started.

4. You say your first hellos

You muster up the courage to say your awkward hello as you start feeling each other out.

5. You have an epic night

Whether you’re hitting a party on the beach or dancing all night at the clubs with your friends, you have a whirlwind night that can only be described as epic.

6. It's hot, it's heavy

It’s time to get it on.

7. You spend ALL your days together

Romantic walks on the beach, dinners out, drinks, dancing the night away. You cover it all, stuck to each other like white on rice.

8. You promise to stay together forever

On that last night, you’re both full of “this has been the best week of my life,” “we’re totally keeping in touch,” and “I think this could be something real.”

9. D-Day

The last day of the spring break romance is here, you just don’t know it’s the last day yet. Teary-eyed, you say heartfelt goodbyes with romantic kisses and lingering hugs until it’s time to head on home. It’s all so dramatic.

10. You text for a couple of days

It seems like this could be the real thing. You check in to make sure each other got home safe, then you reminisce about the romance and fun you had together.

11. They disappear

All of a sudden, they’re gone. Or maybe, you've just been too busy with real life to check your phone, or see if any messages are waiting in your Facebook inbox. Either way, communication has suddenly stopped altogether.

12. You wonder what could have been

Someone asks you about your trip, and you briefly feel your heart flutter at the thought of the brief but passionate entanglement you thought could have been The One.

13. You totally forget about that person, and move on

You realize that your spring break romance is exactly what it was meant to be — a fling full of fun and zero drama. So, you move on. After all, summer break is just around the corner.

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