Is A Real Video Game? 'House Of Cards' Gave Frank A New Outlet For His Political Frustrations

House of Cards is one of the few television that uses video games not as just something that people play, but as a metaphor for the actions occurring within the show. In its third season, House of Cards featured Monument Valley, a game about shifting the landscape around you to accomplish your goals, as well as The Stanley Parable , which is a dreary journey through an office building where the more you follow instructions, the more you fail. House of Cards introduced another game to its ongoing games-as-metaphors theme in its fourth season. But was the mobile game merely an invention by the show, or is a real game outside of House of Cards?

This one is just as real as the others! In, players control a colored blob that consumes other, smaller blobs. The goal is to consume everything around you and retain its power as you grow larger and larger without falling apart or being consumed yourself. It's no wonder that the politicians of House of Cards are fans of the game, since that sounds a lot like an average day in Frank Underwood's life. He was immediately taken with the game when his Republican opponent Will Conway showed it to him.

If you're hoping to get your hands on the game, then you're in luck! is available to play right now on multiple platforms. Simply typing into your address bar will take you to the main webpage where you can begin playing. is also available on Google Play and the App Store for free. Now even you can feel like Frank Underwood while consuming those who dare cross your path. And, now that the game has been featured on the show, expect plenty of usernames like "JusticeForZoeBarnes", "FU2016", and "MeechumFan3" to appear while you're playing.

Image: Netflix