Stefan Received Troubling News On 'TVD'

Life in Mystic Falls is never easy. In fact, you can't even properly kill a villain without encountering some sort of supernatural fail safe. Damon and Bonnie know exactly what I'm talking about. Because just when Damon was about to end Rayna's eighth (and final) life for good, Enzo informed Bonnie that Stefan is linked to Rayna's life on The Vampire Diaries , so if she dies, then all of her victims that have been marked, die with her. As you can see, this presents quite the dilemma give that Rayna's main goal is to kill Stefan, which basically means that keeping her alive is almost just as dangerous as killing her.

I mean, from an outside perspective, this was a pretty genius move on the shamans part since it gives Rayna's victims an incentive to keep her alive. But as for the Salvatore brothers, it's a pretty terrible situation. Thankfully, Damon was able to get to Rayna before she died for good, therein saving Stefan's life just in the nick of time. Moments later, the Armory came and put Rayna back into captivity, which should be comforting, but here's the thing... we've seen in the flash forwards that Rayna is on the loose again, so it's only a matter of time before she once again becomes a serious threat.

So what do you do with a huntress who can't be killed and can't stop killing vamps? You do what this show always does and find a loophole. I'm hoping that at some point our beloved Bonnie Bennett will come through with a spell that will unlink Rayna's connection to her victims. (Hey, if vampires can become un-sired to Klaus, then this should definitely be possible too, right?) That way they can kill her without loosing anyone in the process. So come on and show us what ya got, Bonnie Bennett. You're our only hope.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW