Klaroline Reunited On 'The Vampire Diaries' & Twitter Is Freaking Out

It may not have been a face-to-face interaction, but Friday night's episode of The Vampire Diaries reunited Klaroline in pretty much the best way possible and people (myself included) are freaking out about it. As a diehard Klaus and Caroline 'shipper since Day 1, I'm constantly hoping that Julie Plec will find different ways to get these two characters back into each other's lives. And now my wish has finally been granted and proved more than ever that Klaroline is the show's ultimate OTP. (Sorry, Delena!) Though Klaus appears to be missing when Caroline goes to visit him in New Orleans, fans were still able to witness an amazing phone conversation between Klaus and Caroline that sent all of our 'shipper senses into overdrive.

Shortly after Stefan and Klaus bumped into each other at a New Orleans bar (another exciting reunion BTW), the conversation quickly turned to Caroline. Just hearing Klaus say her name gave me heart palpitations to be honest, and it became clear that his feelings for her are still as strong as ever. (Because OBVIOUSLY!) So when Stefan left his phone on the table and Caroline called, Klaus jumped at the chance to hear her voice.

At first, the conversation started off with their usual adorable bickering, but things took a very heartfelt turn when Klaus told her how sorry he was to hear about her mother's passing and that he knows she would've loved to see her with the babies. Caroline kept insisting that the babies weren't hers, but proving the he knows her better than anyone else, Klaus saw right through her behavior. He knows that she'll grow attached to them and come to love the children as her own. Sorry Stefan fans, but that conversation alone carried more emotion and heart in it than any Steroline moment we've seen all season. These two are meant to be and Twitter clearly agrees...


Images: Annette Brown/The CW