Will Caila Quinn Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’? This New Rumor Has Fans Extremely Excited

If you're anything like me, you vow not to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette every season, writing it off as trash TV that you're better off without... only to find yourself tuning in week after week with rapt attention, waiting to see who's going to get the final rose. I admit that I got pretty invested in Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor and was really sad when 24-year-old Caila Quinn got sent home. I thought she was absolutely adorable and a great catch, albeit a bit young to be considering marrying some dude she met on a reality show and had likely only spent a few hours with here and there while the show was in production. Thankfully, however, she's getting another chance at love, because, according to a report from Us Weekly, Quinn might be the new Bachelorette !

There's no word on when Season 12 is starting — after all, Higgins hasn't even chosen his winning woman and this season of The Bachelor won't be over until March 14. However, Quinn's search for Mr. Right is a serious hot topic since she's been spotted filming her "Bachelorette intro package" back in her hometown of Hudson, Ohio. ABC had no comment in response to Us Weekly’s reports, so it's not at all confirmed yet (and likely won't be for a while yet). Still, if it is happening, it's pretty exciting for her, and seemingly pretty exciting for fans of the show, as well, who took to Twitter upon hearing the news.

The Psychic

Actually, it looks like this user predicted Quinn's possible Bachelorette turn before it even happened. Great minds think alike, I suppose?

The Potential Stalker

Maybe someone should tell her that just because Quinn was filming her intro clip in her hometown, the actual show shoots in Los Angeles? Or, you know, maybe we shouldn't tell her!

The Enthusiastic Supporter

Aw, isn't it sweet to see ladies supporting each other like this? Also, I think she hit pretty much every nail on the head when it comes to hashtagging.

The Anonymous Charmer

Thanks for the compliments, dude (?), but maybe tone down the capslock a bit?

The Potential Contestant

I don't think that's how casting actually goes, but sure, why not?

The Polite Complimenter

It doesn't get more respectful and polite than that, now does it?

The Wannabe BFF

I mean, @TLDibi is right — Quinn is pretty adorable, isn't she?

The Obligatory Hater

There's always gotta be one. Whatever!

Frankly, I think Quinn would make a really great Bachelorette and might bring something fun and different to the franchise — so if she is indeed the pick, I can't wait to see it.

Image: ABC/Scott Evans