How Much Do ColourPop's Brow Products Cost? Prices Are On Par With The Rest Of The Line

It's officially the year of the brows! Last year, beauty lovers were all about trying out new brow shapes (thank you Cara Delevingne), but now it's all about amping up the products. Branching out from eye, lip, and cheek makeup, ColourPop Cosmetics created affordable brow products to add to the online shop. How affordable, you ask? So affordable that you could pay in quarters, if the virtual store allowed it! If there's anything better than getting some on-fleek brows, it getting them on a budget.

If you haven't heard of ColourPop Cosmetics yet, I highly suggest checking them out. The Insta-famous brand is exclusively online and combines drugstore prices with high quality makeup for one stand-out line. After just week of launching their new Ultra Satin Lips — which are fabulous, I might add — the brand is coming out with an entire line of brow products as well. The eight-shade collection features two products: Brow Colour, which comes in a little pot and Brow Pencil. Both products will be released on March 10, and the best part is that they won't break the bank.

The pencils are $5 each, while the pods are $6. Yes, you read that right. Although you will have to pay for shipping, this is basically a steal.

For beginners or brow-pros, there's nothing better than getting a high quality product for half of the price of your other favorites. Because the products are so affordable, you'll be able to try out different shades and styles without the buyers remorse.

Can we just talk about these colors for a second? They compliment every single hair color and cost so little that you can buy a lighter and darker shade just in case. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for March 10!

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Image: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram