When Do Colourpop's Brow Products Come Out? Here's What We Know About The Release

ColourPop cosmetics, the Insta-famous blogger favorite brand, has quickly gained a cult following for their long-lasting lip formulas and eye-catching shadows. And now your brows can feel the love, too! The brand will be releasing Brow Pencils and Brow Colours. But when will ColourPop's brow products be available to shop? Sit tight, because we don't have an official release date quite yet. Bustle has reached out to the brand about a specific date for the launch. With that said, we can speculate! My research points to a potential launch date really soon.

Fashionista published an article in late January in which ColourPop co-founder Laura Nelson mentioned that the brand gets "a lot of requests for lip glosses and brows." Since then, the brand dropped their Ultra Satin Lip line on Feb. 18, first announcing the news about a week before the products were available to shop. So, if these brow products are already being talked about, that means they may just be available to purchase very soon.

So while you may have to wait a bit get your brows on fleek with with ColourPop, all signs point to a launch in the near future. And based on the details I was able to glean from Instagrammers @colourpopcult and @trendmood1, the wait will totally be worth it.

ColourPop will be releasing both a Brow Pencil, which is mechanical with a micro-sized tip and spoolie on the reverse end, and a Brow Colour, which is a creme gel formula that promises 10 hours of wear. Yes, please!

Both of these products will be available in eight different shades, ranging from nearly black to warm blonde to red. The diversity of these colors ensures that many people, no matter their coloring, can get in on the fun. Plus, each item is water-resistant and contain vitamin E, which is great for your hair and skin.

The prices also haven't been revealed just yet, but considering the rest of ColourPop's prices (the most expensive product they have is an $8 blush), it'll be super affordable. As always, the brow range will only be available online at colourpop.com.

So if you're dying to do a happy dance about this release, go ahead. Be sure to follow @ColourPopCosmetics on Instagram for updates straight from the source.

Images: @trendmood1, @colourpopcult/Instagram