How is the Social Media World Responding to Egypt?

So, obviously, a lot has been happening in Egypt. A week ago, there were giant, nationwide protests. Then there was the President's military ultimatum. Then there was the rejection of the ultimatum via twitter (classy). THEN a new interim President was named, and now, Egypt may be on the brink of a civil war.

Thanks to social media, people from all over the world are reacting to Egypt's situation by tweeting, posting, and following. So in case you've also been in a post-July-4th-weekend haze, here are the top five pieces of social media out of Egypt that have gone viral:

1. This video of an insanely cute and smart Egyptian kid.

2.This video (which people probably watched after realizing they didn't really understand what the kid in the first video was talking about).

3. This picture that Humans of New York took ages ago is now garnering some extra attention on Facebook.

4. This Twitter picture, taken of the protests in Alexandria on July 1, has also become a favorite.

5. And finally, author Joyce Carol Oates' recent Tweets, which created a veritable Twitter storm by linking rape culture with Islam in Egypt.

Oh dear. Will celebrities never learn when it comes to Twitter?