Jax Taylor's Court Date Put His Sunglasses Ordeal Behind Him, & Lead To A New Vacation

While much of what happens on Vanderpump Rules may feel like it has no relationship to reality, the SUR-vers do sometimes have to deal with the consequences of their actions — like when Jax was caught stealing a pair of sunglasses while celebrating his birthday in Hawaii with the rest of the cast. But what happened at Jax Taylor's Sunglass Hut court date led to a humble moment from the Vanderpump Rules star (and occasional villain). Though in August Jax agreed with a TMZ reporter that the incident was a "big misunderstanding," Vanderpump Rules has shown that he does take responsibility for the theft, and that was clear during his court date as well.

According to Bravo, Jax accepted a plea deal for a charge of second-degree theft at his Feb. 17 hearing. Hawaii's KHON2 reported that he was ordered to pay several fines and sentenced to 364 days of probation, after which "his record will be wiped clean" if he stays out of trouble. Jax also apologized to the court, according to KHON2, saying, "I had too many drinks, too many mai tais. I made a mistake, took full responsibility and I understand this is going to follow me the rest of my life due to the fact that I’m on television. So I just want to say I’m sorry and I apologize." You can watch Jax's humble statement in the video below.

While I felt for Jax as he gave his simple apology, I had to laugh a little bit at him citing the fact that he's "on television" for why this experience will affect him in the future — only because it's such a classic Jax response, on par with taking off his designer sweater before getting into a fistfight. But even though he may have had an unconventional response to the news, Jax certainly seems committed to keeping his record clean from now on. This might mean a serious change for the former bad boy of SUR. Although, when Lisa had to step in and suspend Jax for a few weeks, his reaction was to treat it like a vacation, so maybe not.

And, speaking of vacations, Jax treated his mid-February court date in Hawaii as an excuse to take a Valentine's trip with girlfriend Brittany. According to his Instagram, they got massages, went out to some fancy dinners, and enjoyed the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

Jax has had a hard time keeping promises in other aspects of his life, but given his emotional response to the sunglasses incident both in court and on Vanderpump Rules, I think this is one experience he may actually learn from.