This 'Gotham' Villain Is Starting His Evil Path

Gotham may have taken a long hiatus in the middle of its second season, but now that the show is back, it's not wasting any time thickening the plot. At first, it seemed like Victor and Nora Fries died on Gotham , committing suicide by cryogenic deep freeze in a sad ending to their emotional love story. But in a last minute tag, it was revealed that Hugo Strange saved Victor Fries' life, but in the process, turned him into the sub-zero supervillain that will be familiar to Batman fans. Tragically, it seems like Nora wasn't so lucky, and she meant to commit suicide in the hope of freeing her husband from the burden of saving her, but now, Victor is at the behest of Dr. Strange.

Strange also made a deal with Fries that ensured he was able to steal Nora away from Arkham, right under the noses of the GCPD, suggesting that his other experimentation needs Fries' A16 formula. It's unclear why, but the show is suggesting Strange has some bad intentions for the cryogenic freeze, since he's messing with the boundaries of life and death and stealing dead bodies (including that of Theo Galavan). Oh, and Penguin is still in the mix, somewhere between pretending to be insane and actually losing his mind from electroshock therapy.

But the story of Victor Fries isn't quite over yet. Right now, it's unclear if he'll be a willing participant in Strange's plans or if he'll attempt to clear things up with the police by turning himself in. Since "Wrath of the Villains" is still getting started, Strange's plans still have a long way to go. But the new Gotham villain's worst action yet is the way he tragically drove apart the Fries family. Watching Nora's death, I really felt for the future Mr. Freeze, who may have committed some terrible acts of his own, but still doesn't deserve to be forced into Strange's evil plans.

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