The Nancy Reagan Hashtag Was Full Of Nostalgia For The First Lady's Legacy

The passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan on Sunday morning brought about touching tributes from people across the world, including a heavy presence of mourning users on Twitter. In fact, the hashtag #NancyReagan was trending, as it seems only natural to use it in an effort to bind together the individual eulogies for a woman who affected so many lives. In viewing these sweet homages to Nancy Reagan, a theme begins to present itself — that is, a theme of fondness and nostalgia for the famed Reagan couple. The activist, former Hollywood starlet, and wife of President Ronald Reagan, was loved and respected by all who knew her, and widely viewed as a model of integrity and grace.

Upon a quick Twitter search of the hashtag, the computer screen was inundated with images of Nancy and Ronald Reagan, showcasing the power couple in imagery revealing the depth of their feelings for one another. The hashtag #NancyReagan is evoking nostalgia toward the Reagan couple, and a fondness for love as strong as theirs, above all other themes. In a time where divorce and marital infidelity are a social epidemic, it is clear that society enjoys remembering a couple whose love was so evident for all to see.

People across the nation and around the world view their relationship as exemplary of a successful union and a lifelong love affair. Photographs of letters from Ronald to Nancy are making the rounds as followers of the couple's legacy fantasize about the two reuniting on the "other side."

It isn't only the average Twitter user tweeting the #NancyReagan hashtag; even some celebrities are using it to memorialize the former First Lady and the American presidential couple of the 1980s. Endless celebrity tributes are making their way around the Internet, particularly because this presidential couple was also a Hollywood couple.

Although she was well-known in her devotion to her husband, Nancy Reagan also made a name for herself in her devotion to her nation and charities like the "Just Say No" campaign against drug use. She was more than an actress and a First Lady; she was an advocate for issues close to her heart that affected Americans, and some users of the #NancyReagan hashtag have made certain to recognize that.

Though this passing of such a woman is such an upset for so many, the memory of her fierce loyalty to her husband, her nation, and her causes will carry on into the future as an example of a First Lady with dignity, grace, and most of all, a good heart — and Twitter is, in austere fondness, proving true the nostalgia for her memory already.