9 Compact Mirrors To Keep On Your Person At All Times — PHOTOS

We've all been there: You itched your eye for one second and go on with your life. Then, hours later, you look in the mirror and see you've smeared your eyeliner everywhere, making it look like you have a black eye. Enter compact mirrors, your best friend in this type of situation. And I can't even tell you how many times I've accidentally rubbed my lipstick past the lines.

While it's usually no biggie, there are definitely times when a beauty mishap is uber embarrassing. Like when you're about to walk into an interview, and you've got a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth. Or, you're meeting your significant other's family member, and you still have a blob of lotion on your forehead. It's almost like having your fly down for hours without anyone telling you.

And while our smartphones do nearly everything for us (there's even an app that turns your iPhone into a mirror), there's nothing quite like carrying around a cute little compact to check mistakes. Yes, my phone camera has helped to put on lipstick and check my teeth, but it's difficult to see smaller details, like stray eyebrow hairs and when putting on mascara. Point is, contrary to popular belief, they don't replace absolutely everything.

There's something super chic and old school about pulling a compact out. I used to watch my grandmother and mother do this all the time, and I loved that they were not only useful, but beautiful, too. They were almost like a must-have accessory for them, and I want to bring that back. If you want to join me, check out some of these that are so pretty, they're practically works of art.

1. For The Romantic

Anna Sui Beauty Compact Mirror, $26, us.asos.com

A dark romantic, that is. Love how simple, yet edgy this compact is.

2. Polka Fun

Forever21 Polka Dot Compact Mirror, $3.90, forever21.com

For the pattern lover.

3. The Tassel

Sephora Collection Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold: Compact Mirror, $42, sephora.com

And, in hardware, you don't have to worry about it breaking in your bag.

4. Word Play

Kate Spade As I See It Compact Mirror, $30, shop.nordstrom.com

Simple, minimalist, and beautiful.

5. Studded

Waterford Rebel Rebel Compact Mirror, $71, us.amara.com

Could be used for self defense, too?

6. Vintage

Wooden Compact Mirror, $36, etsy.com

I could stare at this compact all day. Love the wood, floral, and gold combo.

7. Written In The Stars

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Shooting Stars Powder Compact, $80, niemanmarcus.com

Who knew this color combo could be so beautiful?

8. Ring Ring

Kate Spade New York Telephone Dial Compact Mirror, $44, us.amara.com

I'm seriously obsessed with how cute this is.

9. Fiery Red

Henri Bendel Leather Compact Mirror, $48,

Love the subtle texture on this compact, and the red and gold look super luxe together.

Next time you need to take a double take — Skip the car mirror or your blurry phone screen. It's all about the compact! You heard it here first.