Will Jillian Michaels & Heidi Rhoades Get Married? The 'Just Jillian' Couple Is Committed Either Way

For the entirety of Just Jillian Season 1, there's been one question on the show's mind: Will Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades get married? For the whole season, it's been the biggest point of contention between them, and while Jillian is slowly coming around to the idea, she still has some cold feet about committing to a marriage. Even though she's said multiple times that she sees their partnership as a lifelong one, something about marriage continues to trouble her.

But over the course of Season 1 of Just Jillian, Heidi has made it clear that she won't force Jillian to get married — she just wishes that Jillian felt as positively about it as she does. Part of the reason Jillian has been hesitant to take the plunge into married life, as she explained on the show, is because it's taken her a long time to become comfortable in her sexuality, and even said that she used to be "homophobic." So the lightening-fast pace at which she went from a casual relationship to a mother of two has also taken a lot of time for Jillian to get used to. She also has said on the show that the idea of divorce scares her, which makes it hard for her to wrap her head around marriage.

But, she's slowly coming around to the idea. Jillian's friends all agree that she should give the idea of marriage a second thought, particularly if it would help Heidi feel more at ease in their relationship, and Maria Menounos already offered to be the wedding planner, that's how excited she is about the prospect of Jillian proposing.

Jillian even officiated a wedding in order to see if she could get more comfortable with the idea, and she had to admit by the end of the episode that her friends did seem happy to have tied the knot. Nichole's parents also helped to challenge Jillian's strong anti-marriage stance, by calling into her radio show to share how they've been happily married for 28 years. Sure puts a crack in Jillian's argument that all marriages lead to divorce.

The trailers for the season finale are heavily suggesting that Jillian has the biggest, best engagement planned for Heidi, proving that she cares more about their relationship than her discomfort with the institution of marriage.

And, while an elaborate proposal sounds like a sweet idea, even if a Michaels-Rhoades wedding still isn't on the table, I'm sure whatever Jillian has in store for the Just Jillian finale will demonstrate that, regardless of their marital status, she's committed to Heidi for life.