Will Jillian Michaels & Heidi Rhoades Have More Kids? The 'Just Jillian' Stars Have A Big, Happy Family Already

New E! series Just Jillian has shown fitness expert Jillian Michaels' transition from a lone wolf to the co-head of a big happy family. And, while it hasn't always been easy for Jillian to adjust to her domestic life, the camera doesn't lie — she seems surprisingly happy about having kids and being in a committed relationship. But, will Jillian & Heidi Rhoades have more kids? They have a crowded house already, from their two young children, to their many pets, to Jillian's business partners and assistants, and they certainly already have their hands full — Jillian & Heidi brought home their daughter from Haiti just days after Heidi gave birth to their son, Phoenix.

Heidi has made it clear to Jillian that she would love to add to their family, prompting Jillian's hilarious response, "I don't know which scares me more, getting married or having another kid." And, while she seems to be coming around on the marriage issue, adding to their family still seems like a long shot for the couple. But Just Jillian has shown so many cute moments between Jillian, Heidi, Phoenix, and Lukensia that the Michaels-Rhoades family is totally complete even without adding any more kids to the mix.

The Pets Help Out With Parenting

Having a sick kid is no fun, but the only way to make a contagious child adorable is if the dog tries to chime in with some help.

Jillian Gives Tough Love

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Jillian's advice for her kids to fight back might not be what a lot of other parents would say, but her unconventional approach to parenting is part of what makes this family great.

Uncle Giancarlo Comes To Visit

I love how Jillian's business partner Giancarlo is a part of the family, and how the kids clearly look up to him.

Homework Is A Challenge

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Probably the scariest thing about raising kids is trying to help them figure out their homework, and Jillian does her best, but even she can't outsmart first grade curriculum.

The Family Goes Exploring Together

Their trip to the nation's capital in order to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is adorable.

Selfies In The Movie Theater

You're not supposed to pull out a phone in the middle of a movie, but it's almost excusable when the resulting photo is this cute.

Lu & Phoenix Have The Fitness Bug

I'd expect the kids of a weight loss master and a yoga teacher would be into sports, but it's so sweet to see Jillian and Heidi helping their kids get into physical fitness as kindergarteners.

Yep, This Family Is Just The Right Size

Whether or not Jillian and Heidi decide to have or adopt additional children, the combination they have now is a small family with a whole lot of love to spare between them.