Kylie Jenner Posts No Makeup Selfie Amid Kylie Lip Kit Hype & Here's Why It's So Good — PHOTO

Leave it to her to do the (somewhat) unpredictable. In the middle of her Lip Kit mania, Kylie Jenner posted a no makeup selfie. You'd expect her to always have her pout perfectly painted with one of her seven, suede-like, KLK colors. But then again, the Kylie Lip kits sell out every time they are restocked, so Jenner doesn't really need to go nuts with the shameless self-promotion of the product. She already has a hit on her hands. That said, Jenner's latest makeup-free selfie actually looks incredible and for a super specific reason.

I am used to seeing the teenager and reality star with full, lush eyelashes, which are likely extensions, and her impeccably lined, mega-matte lips. Here, she looks super fresh and natural in her beloved mirror selfie pose.

So what is it?

Maybe it's the lighting. Maybe it's an Instagram filter. But the reason she looks so damn good in this no makeup selfie is not simply because her lips are indeed plump and pinkly pigmented, so much so that she may be wearing a touch of lip product. Jenner did cop to getting lip injections to inflate her pout and the plumpness of her voluptuous pucker is what draws the eye in. At first.

But that's not the main thing. Instead, check out her arched and full brow.

Her brow shape is just right for her face. It's as though having a perfectly groomed and arched set of brows will totally elevate your face (and its symmetry, obviously). You look pulled together, fresh, and pretty without having to resort to a face full of products.

Here's another mirror selfie that shows off that Kylie Jenner power arch. It really is a transformative feature. She is wearing makeup here. But with cosmetics or without, a well-shaped brow really does frame your face and can actually sub for makeup when done correctly. Don't you love how that works?

Jenner certainly makes the case for taking good care of your brows and opting for a fuller look. Having great brows means you can (and should) skip product and still look amazing. Don't over pluck and if you have to go through a "growing out" phase, be patient and don't give in to the tweezers!

Jenner is totally a source of inspo for brow sculpting, isn't she?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)