Linda Cardellini's Joining Coach Taylor's New Show

Well this is a high school cult classic TV series subplot of our dreams: Freaks and Geek's star Linda Carellini cast tapped to join Friday Night Light 's Coach Taylor (also known as Kyle Chandler to mere mortals) in a new series being developed at Netflix. It's like everything lovely got together and decided to make you happy.

The as-yet-untitled series already has a 13-episode order over at the 'flix, and was created by the folks who came up with Damages. It's said that the drama will center on a family of grown up siblings with a bevy of "secrets and scars" that rupture the surface of civility when a black-sheep brother returns to the fold.

Cardellini has been tapped to play the youngest sibling of the four, a woman named Meg. A skilled attorney who's equal parts people pleaser and complex secret-haver, Meg's MO seems to be using charm in order to navigate her life — using it to get what she wants from life, men, work, and her very close-knit family. No, they will not be the Taylors, wish as hard as we might, but any series that includes Coach (a.k.a. Chandler) is one that's heading to our To Watch List with the quickness. He'll star as John, the middle son, in what is being touted as a family thriller, which sounds either spooky or far too close to home-hitting, depending on how you grew up.

Sure, the actress may have recently been tapped for her comedic chops with a stint on New Girl as Jessica Day's sister, but we're not worried. Considering Cardellini's already got the "high stakes secret-keeping" game on lock thanks to her appearance last season on Mad Men, we're more than confident she can hold her own opposite Chandler. The whole thing sounds like a high school drama for grown ups and we mean that in the absolute best, most self-indulgent of ways. Bring it on, Netflix.