'Billy on the Street' Season 3 Trailer Features All Your Favorite Celebs Yelling At People

Here's the best show you should be watching but probably aren't: Billy Eichner's Billy on the Street! Why should you be watching Billy on the Street, you ask? Well, there are a lot of reasons, one being Eichner is a hilarious, hilarious man (seriously, just glance at his Twitter and tell me I'm wrong), but the biggest is without a doubt that it features all of your favorite celebrities — from Amy Poehler to Paul Rudd to Seth Meyers to Lena Dunham — literally running around New York City, yelling at random people. That's it. That's the show. Don't believe me: Check out this new trailer for season three of Billy on the Street , featuring just those celebs and more, and see for yourself.

For those of you who stalk blogs obsessively, you may remember Eichner doing a similar bit with Amy Poehler for Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few months ago, only they ran around NYC's Flatiron District and assaulted people with Christmas cheer and carols. That clip was actually from the series, so you should already have a sense for how batshit crazy this show is.

Anyway, you can check out the trailer below. A new season of Billy on the Street will premiere on FuseTV, on March 12 at 11 p.m. EST.

billyonthestreettv on YouTube

Image: billyonthestreettv/YouTube